Are All Apostates Old Farts?

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  • katiekitten
    I have old farts, hermetically sealed in Mason jars.

    I have spent a lot of my youth musing over how the capture of a fart could be most effectively done. I came to the conclusion that water displacement in the bath would be a 100% method with no loss or leakage. While holding a jar upside down and full of water you would have to 'catch' the fart bubbles as they rose up the bathwater.

    Leading to the question - do all the bubbles rise in the same place for ease of 'catch', or would you have to move the jar around significantly in order to net a healthy amount of gas?

    Also, having executed the 'catch' would you be able to ignite a small flare by simultaneously puncturing a small hole in the lid and holding a flame nearby?

    Back to the real question. I think undoubtedly the ratio of old JW farts compared to old apostate farts is high, due to an increasing amount of young farts leaving the former and joining the latter, hence effectively doubling the effect of young fart loss in the JWs.

  • avengers

    Hey KK.

    Seems as though you are the ol' frt professional.

    heehee. lol.

    Andy. loveya.

  • katiekitten

    My daughter and my partner pass a lot of noxious fumes, so this topic is a frequent one at my house

    Of course MY farts dont stink.

  • AuldSoul
    in order to net a healthy amount of gas?

    Interestingly phrased question. It strikes me as very nearly oxymoronic to refer to any amount of flatulence as "healthy," simply because the other connotations of the word are so ... violated ... by contemplation in terms of flatulence.

    But, on the main, your experiment would be worth pursuit. I would further want to know, will the presence of water leech away the more pungent aspects of the airspace above the water? Would the water acquire the taste, which could be in fun ways as a prank? And your mini-flamethrower idea is ingenious.

    Unfortunately, I am already holding back these four winds I have, until the proper time. So I don't really feel all that motivated to try the experiment. If you ever do, please report back here, okay?

  • greendawn

    But who are the apostates? According to my books the biggest apostates are/were all the leaders of the WTS, false teachers who sought to make a business out of God's word and succeeded quite well in this objective.

  • Kaput
    I am an Apostate of the Whore of Babylon. This is a title I have just discovered for myself and which I am quite proud of. I may have a T shirt printed.

    Hey, Joe!

    How 'bout some bumper stickers to go along with the T shirts? I'll be your first customer! (Sorry, had to edit your post.)

  • parakeet

    Not at all! It's JWs who are old farts from eating the "spiritual food provided by the faithful and discreet slave." It's hard to digest and causes excessive flatulence. We apostates feed on much healthier food.

  • R6Laser

    How about...

    ...Are all Apostates Bitter Old Farts?...

    ...ok, I might be kidding just a little.

  • juni

    I'm 57 and I don't consider myself as an old fart. I'm from the ' 60s and I still dig rock n roll and having a good time and acting stupid and laughing. One good thing about being "older" is this: you can act as stupid and crazy as you want and people just brush it off thinking you're just to be pitied - that poor mentally unstable woman. I LOVE IT!! TOWANDA! RIGHT LADIES OF MY GENERATION?

    I am an Apostate of the Whore of Babylon

    Joe you like the sound of that don't ya? T shirt - good idea. Then post it as your avatar.


  • juni

    Zagor said:

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    What is this? A competition?!!?

    Thanks Zagor. Now that's where us oldies but goodies need help. I didn't catch that.

    Ms. Leaky Brains here. Right Bronzefist?


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