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  • jayhawk1

    I've always loved auctions. I've been to several and got some neat things from them. Mostly I go looking for tools. Well along comes ebay and I find myself buying mostly tools and unique christmas gifts from there. Currently I am looking at some nice name brand used precision tools (metal working measuring equipment). My wife has most of my precision tools for her job and now I need a few things for my new job, I start in two weeks.

    What do you buy on ebay? Are you addicted to buying? Are you addicted to selling? Do you spend too much there?

    BTW, please stay out of the precision tools for the next 6 days, so you don't accidently bid against me! (Especially if you are looking at Brown & Sharp tools... LOL)

  • bubble

    I am too scared to buy things on ebay. I'm sure I would bid for something, hand over my money, then never get it. It'd be just my luck!

  • jayhawk1

    I've never had that problem, but then again, I don't risk much money on any particular auction. Only once did I not receive what I ordered and the seller refunded my money. The seller said they would turn in a claim to the postal service and either the postal service could find the item and return it or pay for the lost item.

    Ebay does offer assistance that I've never used to make sure there are only honest sellers. When in doubt, check the feedback on a seller. I always do before I buy. If they have a string of negative feedbacks, I don't buy from them. I also don't buy from somebody with less than 20 feedbacks.

  • Ingenuous

    I loooooove sniping on eBay!

    I hate shopping for clothes, so I often buy clothing lots so I can avoid stores & malls in realtime.

    I just bought a goldfish - a red-cap oranda - on eBay. In honor of my addiction, I've named her Abey!

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