Would someone please post that new tract already?

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  • WingCommander

    I want to read about how doomed I am according to the JW's. I also want to be ready at the door with questions, contradicting scriptures, and anything else I can think of when they show up to give me one. IF they show up!

    C'mon! Someone scan it in and post it already!

    Thanks, Wing Commander

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi wing commander,

    You will find kingdumb news 37 on this link:



  • CaptainSchmideo


    Something more simplistic, cruder in tone, and uglier in spirit than a Jack T. Chick publication!

    Way to go, Watchtower!

  • under_believer

    /sigh they really lose a lot of clarity with their one-size-fits-all approach to writing. They want to write a tract once and have it translated into 250 languages, but how bizzare does this statement sound to anyone in the Western world:

    "A widely respected religious figure, Jesus Christ..."

    Let's see, what else do we have here... How about the list of charges they mount against False Religion:

    * Meddles in War and Politics: The Society is guilty on both charges, observe the way they acted towards the Nazis before the WW2 broke out. And besides, saying you're no part of the world because you don't engage in politics, but then taking so many cases to the Supreme Court of many lands to affect the laws there is kind of splitting hairs, wouldn't you agree?

    * Spreads False Doctrine: It's easy to prove that the Society has spread false doctrine on many occasions in their history. The law of averages suggests that they are currently spreading false doctrine too. Do they get an exemption from this rule?

    * Tolerates Immoral Sex: Witnesses may disfellowship gays, lesbians, and people who have sex out of wedlock, but only when they catch them. The fact that they termed it "tolerates" is telling. They know they can't say that Witnesses are cleaner than non-Witnesses, they can only say that they don't "tolerate" sexual uncleanness. The truth is that "Jehovah's Clean People" are no cleaner than "worldly" people. And the Society has a history of tolerating the most immoral kind of sex of all, pedophilia, with their application of an ancient "two witnesses" rule, a rule that is almost impossible to satisfy in pedophilia cases. This means that pedophiles are routinely effectively sheltered and parents with small children are not notified that pedophiles are present, since the pedophiles are "Biblically" innocent.

    Then the tract breaks into typical subjective, theoretical interpretation of Revelation (i.e. the "harlot" is false religion, the "beast" is the world political system, etc...) None of this is objectively proveable, it's just a guess. And you will note that this tract doesn't identify the Beast as the United Nations anymore. Possibly this is because the United Nations is a debating society without any actual political power, and the application of the Beast of Revelation to it never made sense in the first place.

    Then what do we have? Ah the qualifications for True Religion. If you read these qualifications you will notice that they are vague, slippery beasts that could apply to almost anyone. To prove that they fit these qualifications, they quote a "worldly" book, Holocaust Politics, saying that if more people had been Witnesses, there never would have been a holocaust. (!!!)

    Interestingly for a tract that is supposed to prove that the end of False Religion is near, this tract establishes no reasons for urgency, no explanations why this destruction is nearer now than it was the last time this exact same tract was published in 1973/1974.

    Nice try, Society, but no cigar. Buh-bye.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Are they really going to expect the rank and file to take this ridiculous piece of nonsense door to door? They have really out done themselves with this one. I think they should wait till someone is well brainwashed before they show them something like this. The weirdo alarm will go off in most peoples heads when they are presented with this little bit of insainity.

    When I look at something like this I am really shocked that I was ever a part a group that believed this crap. I am so far remove from it is seems like it had to be another person not me.

    And you will note that this tract doesn't identify the Beast as the United Nations anymore

    I noticed this also. I believe it is common practice for whores not to make know the names of those they are sleeping with.

  • VM44

    Just to let people know, the new 2006 book release is also up at reexamine. --VM44

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