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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I work at a local hospital, in the admin section, and I took some paperwork out to the front desk on one of the wards this afternoon, and the receptionist, who I know well and count as a friend, started asking me about how life is treating me post - jw. I'm sure we've had this discussion before, but I answered her, saying "better than it ever was in the jws". She then asked how Trev, who she has met a couple of times is, and when we are getting married. I was beginning to wonder why she was asking all these questions, which she already knows the answer to, when she signalled to me to look into the waiting area, and there were two jw elders, staring at me in a distinctly unfriendly way.

    They were here, I later found out, because a jw had been injured in an accident at home, and they had been called by his relatives, presumably to help reinforce the blood rule if necessary, the jw had sufferred a serious head wound and was barely concious. These guys are from my former kh, and are well aware of mine and Trev's recent anti - witness activities. They didn't say anything, but they didn't have to, their faces said it all.

    When I saw them glaring at me, I casually asked my friend "did I give you a copy of that crappy tract the jws are coming round with soon, they've all seen it in the office?" She has seen it, but said "No, but I wouldn't mind seeing it, I can give them a copy when they call then", and laughed. So I said "well, I'll print you a few later and bring them in".

    The two elders were really glaring by now, and one of them looked ready to explode. I thought they were about to come and say something, hoped really, but they didn't, and I chatted for another minute or so about how we ex jws almost always get to know about new developements in the jw world before most jws do, then went back to my office. I saw my friend again later, and she said the two guys were talking to each other about how apostates always want to hurt the wts, but will pay in the end, then they got called in to see whoever is in the hospital.

    The local elders do know that Trev and I have been sending copies of kingdumb news 37 out, but it was fun to see those guys reaction today. I'll bet they were bursting to say something to me, and our names will no doubt be mud now.


  • Hecklerboy

    OK, that's about the coolest things I've heard in a long time. I know most of us would love to do what you just did. Great job.

    My wife is a nurse at our local hospital and has watched a couple of her patients die because of refusing blood. It really upsets her. It can be a very painful death.

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