How Much Do You Really Know???

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  • mama1119

    This is probably a question more for those who grew up in the truth, rather than those who studued and came in. I have found, I really know nothing when it come to the actual fundamentals of JW . I have learned more on this site than I did being a JW for 20 years. I knew all the key phrases to answer questions like "Why don;t we celebrate xmas?" I would answer its is pagan, and wasn;t really Jesus birthday etc etc. But, that is all I knew. Was anyone else like this? You were in it, defended it, but didn;t have aclue what you were saying, just repeating what had been embedded in your head?? Do you think it is easier for that type to leave?

  • free2beme

    I think I was pretty in the know, so to speak, when I got baptized. I was older and dove in deep. I read all the books I could get ahold of, took tons of notes and even spoke to a lot of people from ones who were new to people who spent decades at Bethel. I asked tons of questions, and kept a very in depth filing system of information and always researched each and every little thing. Keep in mind, this was the beginning, not the end of my time in. I would say that it all just become more fuel for the bomb when the generations thing changed, as that was something I knew was key to the beliefs and when they said it was not. I could not take that medicine anymore and got the hell out. As time has passed, sense my exit, a lot of the information has filed somewhere in the back of my mind where useless information is stored. From time to time though, someone says something on here and I remember it again. In any sense, I would agree that most people in the religion, only know the basics and most are not even aware some of their beliefs have changed.

  • mama1119

    I really had no idea about the change in beliefs until I came on here. And I was completely oblivious on the blood issue. I had zero clue about Russell or Rutherford, just what was in the Proclaimers book about them.

  • free2beme

    My in laws still think the generations thing is still "kind of" part of the Witness teachings. They just do not want to give up on the thought we all shared so much, when considering where we were in time, that went something like ... "You know, there are not to many people left from 1914!"

  • Arthur
    You were in it, defended it, but didn;t have aclue what you were saying, just repeating what had been embedded in your head?? Do you think it is easier for that type to leave?

    My knowledge of the Bible when I was a JW was quite shallow. I knew how to parrot back all of the JW cliches, and bullet points. I was basically just a good Watchower apologist. I bought into most of the sophistry and talking points listed in the Reasoning Book.

    However, it was when I really started to study the Bible on my own without WTS publications that I seriously questioned the JW teachings. One of them being biblical inerrancy. After doing much research into archeology, I realized how skewed the teachings were about the the 6,000 year human history, the global flood, and other Old Testament accounts. I had never realized how incredibly biased and intellictually dishonest the WTS's research had been.

  • Cherish

    Hi mama, Ive only just started bible studies so my knowledge is very limited at the moment. I like to come and read the posts on here though as it rasies some good questions when Im doing my bible studies

  • monkeyshine

    Well I knew everything I was supposed to know!

    But, your right. That's not much. Especially when it came to science and history, I was blind. When I left I became a Science Channel / History Channel / Discovery Times / Discovery Channel JUNKIE!

    For 12 years now that is all I watch. I love it. It seems like a whole new world. I started reading Stephen Hawking and researching books on physics. (even though I'm lost) I thought I was so educated too!

    --sponge full of vinegar I guess

  • becca1

    My dear Cherish: Run!!! Get out while you can. Don't be deceived and don't throw away your life, your dreams, your talents and your free will.

    I don't know what motivated you to study with JW's but:

    If you want to understand the Bible...Read it, pray and meditate on it.

    If you want to be a better person... Concentrate on the Gospels. The"golden rule" really works. Also the friuts of the spirit. Try to develop them and apply them in all human relashionships and your life will be much richer.

    If you need help with depression or other emotional/psycological issues.... see a professional

    If you want to make new friends...join a club.

    I have been a witness all my life and I have been seriously damaged by it. Don't make the same mistake.

  • garybuss

    I learned much of what I know about Witness doctrine and history after I quit associating. If the Witness people hadn't started shunning me in 1992, I doubt I'd have still looked at it because I'm not religious and I wasn't as a Witness.

    It was in the process of challenging my own core beliefs that I got interested, not in religion, but in Witnessism. I been looking at it a few years and now it's kinda become a hobby.

  • parakeet

    ***I have learned more on this site than I did being a JW for 20 years.***

    I totally agree, mama1119! I've read more Watchtowers in Blondie's weekly reviews than during the entire 14 years I was a JW. She's the only person I've known that ever made a Watchtower study interesting.

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