I have joined the RV world!

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  • free2beme

    I have forever made fun of all those people in their RV's. They never could enjoy camping, when they spent their whole time in an RV. Then a couple years ago, I went on a road trip with some friends and we road in their RV as we went there. I was watching television, making myself things to eat, using the restroom as we went down the road and even taking a nap. I fell in love and my spouse and I, have been fighting the urge for a long time now. We love camping, setting up the tent is okay, and the experience itself is great and we do it about two to three times a month from May to September. Well, as we have aged (mid 30's), have kids and so on. It has becomes so time consuming to set up that tent, cook outdoors and so on. So about a month ago we started the search, and today we settled on one and now we have an RV. It is a 29 foot, C class, and were all excited. I know it is kind of wimping out and all those people I teased before, will no doubt let me know about it, which I expect. The thing is, have you ever traveled in an RV? If you have, on a long road trip or gone camping somewhere cold and fired up that heater at night. Well then you know why we gave in.

    It's going to be fun! Anyone else in RV world on here?

  • mama1119

    Im not, but I want to be someday. I would love to travelt he nation in an RV. What fun!!!!


  • simplesally

    Yep, single mom here with a 36' Class A ...... National Dolphin. I love it. My daughter and I love to camp in it. We've stayed in it for a week once, it was so much fun and more than enough room since it has a slide out. We love setting up our awning and campsite .... She loves to play the music loud as we drive down the road and she gets to sit up front for a change. She loves seeing all the cars. She even got to run get a toy when we were on the straightaway.... don't need to have seatbelts on but we wear them!

  • Arthur

    Oh free2beme!

    Not only did you become an apostate to Johober's organization; but you became an apostate to the camping world.

  • under_believer

    You're a return visit now?

  • simplesally

    LOL at underbeliever!

  • Carmel

    I travel the Oregon coast highway a lot and you dam RVers are a pain in the back sides!!! Why don't you move over a the turn outs when you have thirteen cars, trucks and motorcycles backed up?? HUH?? HUH??

    I'd rather camp at the Radison or Comfort Suites and not plug up the road with huge moving mansions plugging along at fifteen miles under the speed limit!

    Remove the dams and the RVS, I say! Let the fish and folks migrate uninteruppted!!



  • garybuss

    I'm between campers. We did a lot of it.


  • greendawn

    That's a great way to see the world, you have the means to move, the means to cook, and sleep, so it saves an awful lot of money on restaurants, and hotels.

  • Mulan

    We have a 25 foot trailer that we pull with a big truck. We absolutely LOVE it. We both have camped our entire lives and we camped all the years we were raising our 4 children, starting in tents, then we got an Apache tent trailer in 1975. It was just a tent on a trailer bed, no amenities.

    In 1987 we bought a used 24 foot trailer and absolutely wore it out. We bought our current one 4 years ago and we really use it. Love it, love it, love it.

    We used to complain about the RV'ers too, and how they had their TV's, their coffee makers, and other electric goodies. All I can say is "don't knock it until you try it".

    We joined Thousand Trails this year and highly recommend it. We really wish we had joined 30 years ago. Great sites, good security, wonderful amenities, etc. etc. They even have wireless computer service.

    Have fun.

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