I can put bumper stickers on my car now!

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  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    This may seem silly---But ever since I could drive, every car had to be acceptable for field service. No vanity plate on the front (have one now!), no bumper stickers or advertising slogans (Have 3 now!). I always thought they were funny to read, but tacky. Now that hubby bought me a gorgeous new vehicle (2002-new to me) I feel so liberated to put some on! Anyone else find liberation in such little things?

    Be kind, this is my first try at starting a thread!

    Kitten Whiskers

  • Kudra

    What stickers do you have, Kitten?

    I have a GNP (Glacier National Park) one and a fuzzy Wrangler (jeans) sticker that looks like the Wrangler lable. It's my semi-lame attempt to make my truck look more like a *guy's* truck so that it will be less susceptible to creeps messing with it/me when I sleep in it on the side of the road/at trailheads...

    Yeah, I know, I need the chrome naked lady mudflaps..


  • 5go

    Put them on the window so it doesn't ruin the paint. Plus people in SUVs can read them easier.

  • monkeyshine

    I have a pretty cool vinyl Mandalorian skull sticker on my tailgate.

    (For those of you who know what that is.)

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hey Kudra! I'm leery to put that up here because it would be obvious who I am to anyone from the congregation who saw it! in case they are lurking here. I will tell you one is actually a pun for my husbands heritage and the others are advertisements. Am i being paranoid? The fact that you asked warms my little heart. I appreciate the friendship I've found here already!

    Kitten Whiskers


    KittenWhiskers..Your first thread..Good For You!!..My first bumper sticker:"More Whiskey and Fresh Horse`s for my Men!!"..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • mkr32208

    Get some good ones! Flying spaghetti monster and the hands praying with "stop talking to yourself" emblazoned across them are some of my favorites!

  • gwyneth

    I have one that says, "God was my copilot but we crashed into the mountains and I had to eat him." My Baptist neighbor did not find the humor in it when she saw it on my kitchen counter, so I haven't had the guts to apply it.

  • gwyneth

    I also got one that says "What Would Scooby Doo?"

    My daughter put it on her school notebook.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Jesus is my Rock... I'm on his Roll. You're covered on all bases! Welcome and have fun with your new-found freedom.

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