I am new here!HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

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  • megsmomma

    LOL...free therapy! I did go to therapy I paid for....so I will admitt it helped me to get over some things. It took 7 years to feel free to discover myself, and my husband was a great source of healing too. Nice to have a man that is attracted to wemon! I have no problem sharing my life....you all have shared with me and I appreciate it!

  • Crumpet

    You sound like a really nice well-rounded individual - its good to hear a mother who values the kind attention of the step mother too!


  • acadian

    Welcome to the Board!

    This site is very much like free therapy

    I accept donations!... lol ... You'll make some good friends here...looking forward to your post/thoughts. Acadian

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hi and hugs megsmomma,

    So glad to meet you and hear your experience. Thank God you made it past all the hurdles you had to jump over and the walls you had to climb. The society can make us feel so worthless (even suicidal). I am so glad you have a great man who loves you and supports you! It is a true blessing and keeps a person sane!

    Your daughters sound sweet. What a wonderful thing to be with your 8 year old! They are becoming their own persons and reasoning at that age. Still pure and so full of love. If I think back on my memories of childhood, its really at about this age that you remember things when you are an adult.... I guess what i'm trying to say is, you are there now and she will have you in her most cherished memories forever! Savor that!

    Keep us posted! Your fellow newbie,

    Kitten Whiskers

  • juni

    Welcome meg'smomma!

    Nice to have you with us. Your situation started out bad with a bad marriage and then postpartum depression on top of that. You were under extreme pressure. You did the best you could with the conditions you were under.

    Now you have a new life with Meg? and a good husband and you are part of your 8 yr. old's life also. That's wonderful. I wish your family the very best.


    You had said:

    My ex is an elder now, and remarried a 17 yr old

    Isn't that called "jail bait"??? I guess it depends what state you live in?

  • greendawn

    Welcome, the JWs are indeed not a Christian religion and certainly do not function as one, I am glad that you found an authentically Christian church.

  • Bryan

    Welcome Megs!


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    So the X is gay, and married a 17 year old [can we say Child-Molester?], and had [most likely has then] a problem with pornograghy?

    Well, he certainly seems like Elder material to me -! But pity the poor soul who married him before she could wipe her own nose. Geez.

    Anyway - welcome to the forum.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Megsmomma,

    WELCOME to the forum!! We are glad you are here!!


    Lady Liberty

  • mouthy

    No one really knew the extent of it,

    Welcome aboard ...Rough start to a happy future.... You said No one new the extent of it But It sounds to me like you found the same "friend" as me ( Jesus) He knew it all ((((HUGD)))

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