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  • mblack


    I just want to let you know about my new website. I was raised JW and disfellowshiped at 16. Along with a few of my own experiences that I relate, I interviewed fourteen people raised JW for my senior thesis in college. After quite some time I have finally gotten it up on the internet. My goal for the site is to provide teachers and counselors with background information to better understand their students / patients. Hopefully it will resonate with you too and help people still trying to figure out what happened to them.
    The site is:

    Please pass the word along as you see fit. After I wrote it I was able to have the former executive director of the Vermont chapter of the ACLU, Leslie Williams, review it. I happened to also come across an article she wrote and cited it in my piece by coincidence. Her article dealt with the fact that Witness children often feel left out of school activities. She encouraged me to make my thesis available and said it was a very important topic that needs revealing.

    It has taken me nine years to make it available. I hope it can help anyone who is still in pain.


    Marie Black

  • bubble

    Hi Marie, we have the same first name, woo!

    I'm gonna check your website, will give feedback later. Welcome to this forum.

    Love Marie. XXX

  • Crumpet

    Good luck with your website - I am sure it will prove a useful resource.

  • bigmouth

    Welcome Marie, I'll read this tomorrow as I'm off to bed right now. After a quick glance I think the effort you've put in is fantastic! All the very best. Pete

  • delilah

    Welcome Marie, and good luck with your website. The more sites available to help new ones coming out of the organization, the better.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If anyone is interested in the last section Appendix I: Surveys and AOL Member Profiles

    The link is incorrect and takes you back to the CONTENT page. The correct link is

  • Jankyn

    I'll be sure and check it out!



    I have placed your site on My Favorites and will make time to read your articles. I too was raised a JW, though I did not suffer the tragedies that so many have.

    I wish you the best on your website, and welcome.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Mblack,

    Welcome to the forum!! I will check out your site..thanks!!


    Lady Liberty

  • mama1119

    Wow, thank you for that!



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