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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I was reading Auld Soul's post regarding the inappropriate insertion of YHWH into the NT, the dubs using the 'J' texts as support for this travesty of mistranslation. In the midst of that I recalled Ray Franz' mention of another Watchtower lie misrepresentation. So I looked it up again. Of course not of the significance of twisting the Bible perhaps, but of significance to those who 'bought it' and have had lives altered and torn by such misapplied and illogical thoughts.

    In the March 1, 1981 Watchtower, in the article entitled ' Do You Appreciate the Faithful and Discreet Slave?' on page 27, they finish the article with what appears to dubminds to be an impressive list;


    The "faithful and discreet slave" has abundant credentials. Following is a partial list of Scriptural and prophetic designations applying to or being represented in the remnant of Jesus Christ?s anointed followers since the notable year 1919:

    (1) Noah?s wife, Gen. 7:7; (2) angels sent to Lot, Gen. 19:15; (3) Rebekah, Gen. 24:64; (4) Joseph and Benjamin, Gen. 45:14; (5) gleanings left behind, Lev. 19:9; (6) two spies to Rahab, Josh. 2:4; (7) Barak, Judg. 4:14; (8) Jephthah, Judg. 11:34; (9) Naomi and Ruth, Ruth 2:2; (10) David?s Israelite warriors, 2 Sam. 18:1; (11) Jehu, 2 Ki. 10:11, 15; (12) Mordecai and Esther, Esther 4:13; (13) Job, Job 42:10, 13; (14) King?s daughter, Ps. 45:13; (15) men of loving-kindness, Ps. 50:5; (16) intimate group, Ps. 89:7; (17) Shear-jashub, Isa. 7:3; (18) light of the nations, Isa. 60:3; (19) big trees of righteousness, Isa. 61:3; (20) ministers of our God, Isa. 61:6; (21) cluster preserved, Isa. 65:8; (22) servants called by another name, Isa. 65:15; (23) men trembling at God?s word, Isa. 66:5; (24) new nation born, Isa. 66:8; (25) Jeremiah, Jer. 1:10; (26) Jehovah?s people in the new covenant, Jer. 31:33; (27) enduring watchman, Ezek. 3:16-27; (28) man in linen, Ezek. 9:2; (29) cleansed people, Ezek. 36:29-32; (30) dwellers in center of earth, Ezek. 38:12; (31) the host of heaven, Dan. 8:10; (32) sanctuary restored (cleansed), Dan. 8:14; (33) they that are wise, Dan. 11:33; (34) the happy one who is keeping in expectation, Dan. 12:12; (35) all flesh receiving the spirit, Joel 2:28; (36) Jonah, Jon. 3:1-3; (37) apple of Jehovah?s eye, Zech. 2:8; (38) liberated remnant, Zech. 2:7; (39) a Jew, Zech. 8:23; (40) sons of Levi, Mal. 3:3; (41) wheat, Matt. 13:25; (42) sons of the kingdom, Matt. 13:38; (43) workers for the vineyard, Matt. 20:1; (44) those invited to marriage feast, Matt. 22:3-14; (45) chosen ones, Matt. 24:22; (46) eagles, Matt. 24:28; (47) faithful and discreet slave, Matt. 24:45; (48) discreet virgins, Matt. 25:2; (49) brothers of the king, Matt. 25:40; (50) little flock of sheep, Luke 12:32; (51) beggar Lazarus, Luke 16:20; (52) sheep in "this fold," John 10:1-16; (53) branches of the vine, John 15:4; (54) royal palace of David, Acts 15:16; (55) heirs with Christ, Rom. 8:17; (56) the remnant, Rom. 11:5; (57) branches in the olive tree, Rom. 11:24; (58) holy ones or saints, 1 Cor. 6:2; Rev. 16:6; (59) temple, 1 Cor. 6:19; (60) new creation, 2 Cor. 5:17; (61) ambassadors for Christ, 2 Cor. 5:20; (62) congregation of God, Gal. 1:13; (63) part of Abraham?s seed, Gal. 3:29; (64) Israel of God, Gal. 6:16; (65) body of Christ, Eph. 1:22, 23; (66) soldiers of Christ Jesus, 2 Tim. 2:3; (67) house under Christ, Heb. 3:6; (68) holy priesthood, 1 Pet. 2:5; (69) holy nation, 1 Pet. 2:9; (70) association of brothers, 1 Pet. 2:17; (71) seven congregations, Rev. 1:20; (72) twenty-four persons of advanced age, Rev. 4:4; (73) spiritual Israel, Rev. 7:4; (74) locusts, Rev. 9:3; (75) two witnesses, Rev. 11:3; (76) two olive trees, Rev. 11:4; (77) seed of the woman, Rev. 12:17; (78) New Jerusalem, Rev. 21:2; (79) the bride of Christ, Rev. 22:17; 19:7; (80) Jehovah?s witnesses, Isa. 43:10.

    Here they have listed 80 'credentials' to support their claim to divine selection as FDS class. Franz speaks of his view of this 'resume';

    "The truly overwheming factor is that every single item in this list of 'credentials' depends entirely o the Watchtower organization's unique interpretation to make it a 'credential'. This is circular reasoning comparable to a man's saying, ' I am the greatest person in all human history and I have the credentials to prove it. Just look at this long list of famous men and wormen of the past and then read these writings of mine in which I have applied everything said about them to myself.' " In Search of Christian Freedom page 448.

    As a dub, though I read this article, I never realized the depth of deception they used to coerce others to follow. I was mind-droned like all the rest at the time of course.

    Don't know why I felt this 'worthy' of a post - but it just came to mind and I thought I would share it for those who didn't recall it.


  • juni

    Thanks Jeff for posting this. Just like you I believed and followed along. They forget about what God says about presumptousness.


  • carla

    I'm reading that trying to understand what the heck any of it has to do with them?! Trying to figure out their point in the first place, other than once again applying biblical things to themselves. I would never make it as a jw I guess. Their reference to 1919, how does it connect to the OT people? oh, nevermind. Just makes me want to slap my jw upside the head and say, what the hell's the matter with you?!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Yep - Juni, isn't it great to be out of that?

    Carla - even if you read the entire article - lots of so called 'evidence' that they were selected by Christ in 1919, there is little to connect the article to this silly last section. Kinda like a guy standing up in the middle of a crowd and blowing a trumpet to say 'here I am'. Only in this case the [the dubs] the crowd rises to it's feet in a standing ovation, oblivious to the fact that the guy is entirely out of line and out of place.

    PT Barnum said ' A sucker is born every minute.' - Some of us 'suckers' got out - many more like your JW are still in. Keep working on that.


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I remember reading this when the article came out. I thought rather odd, but being a true believer, just let it go.

  • AuldSoul


    I haven't read ISoCF yet, so I very much appreciate you posting this gem from it. I never ran across that article. What pompous, self-aggrandizers they are! And they said I was being haughty. Tsk.


    I haven't been home to receive the UPS shipment you promised, but I should be for the next few days. I will be expecting a large crate with airholes, right? You aren't going to make him ride without fresh air, are you?


  • greendawn

    The point is that they still haven't really cleared up who the FDS is. In theory it is all the "anointed" but in practice it is only the GB because they are the only ones carrying out the functions they assign to the FDS. They should come out straight and admit that they are being double faced on the issue.

    As for the numerous Biblical antecedents of the FDS there is absolutely no proof that these apply to them or any FDS for that matter.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    That watchtower came out not long before I was contacted, and I can vaguly remember being given a copy and being quite impressed by the number of prophecies "fulfilled" by the wts.

    Now I know better, to me it shows the sheer arrogance of these people, to claim that all these scriptures apply to them.

  • Atlantis
  • TD

    Circular reasoning at its finest.

    Never, ever allow the person or organization that frames the question to set the criteria for answering it.

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