Revelation 20 Question - Nark, Leolaia, Alan, Blondie, Drew, Others

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  • stevenyc

    Leolaia, thanks for the reply.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi Rass,

    Can't resist a Revelation subject:

    You said:

    To me it seems to indicate that Satan will be bound "first" THEN the ressurection of those to rule with Christ for a thousand years.

    I think the Satan part and the next part at vs. 4, are like 2 separate visions.

    So...don't think so.

    It seems to indicate that those that rule will be ones actually killed for their beliefs.

    Don't think so...just ones who "pick up their cross". Another words those who are WILLING to die..for the faith..

  • rassillon

    Thanks for everyones comments,

    For those who, to me, alluded that I was holding to WT teaching, let me assure I am not.

    I have no faith in them nor their interpretation anymore.

    I doubt they could even predict the outcome of a one ball lottery!

    If in fact the book of Revelation does have any prophetic value I doubt anyone is going to understand it until after it has happened.

    I don't think it is a vehicle for which to predict "the time of the end", when it starts, etc...

    I just like reading the bible without "HAVING" to understand it a certain way and letting it speak for its self.

    Sometime I try to read it from different perspectives such as, "I believe it is literal", "I believe it is fantasy", "I believe it is all happening now"

    I am sure many of you have advanced far beyond me in my examination but thanks for indulging me!!

    LEOLAIA - A special thanks to you for your input, your research is invaluable!, maybe you should have a 1 900 bible help line, you could charge 10 denari a minute!

    cheers everyone and thanks again.


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