Watchtower creates opposition to itself as no other?

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  • JH

    With all the religions out there, are the JW's the ones that are hated more by their former members than any other religion?

    I don't know of any other religion, whose former members oppose the religion as much, and have forums about it.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I would think that, percentage wise, there is probably more opposition to the wts from it's former members than most, if not all, other religions. There are ex member forums for other religions though, ex jws aren't the only ones out there.

  • M.J.

    I dunno...there are some pretty ticked-off ex-Scientologists.

    Same goes for ex-Moonies.

    The level of opposition seems to correlate well with the level of abuse, and/or the amount they dish out themselves...

  • robhic

    It seems like the sects that have the most burdensome rules and requirements put on their members would be the ones that are more distasteful, in inverse proportion, to members, past and current.

    Like catholics. Miss church service and it's supposedly bad and sinful (yeah right...) but they don't talk about you and no priests show up to question you. They might check on you to see if you needed something or were all right, but not to badger you or spy. I don't know of any instances where someone was bounced out from being "allowed" to be a catholic for most any reason, save for some real doozies resulting in ex-communication.

    I'd suppose most all other religions were this way to a greater or lesser degree. If the burden is light, who'd be really pissed at the religion except on really substantial grounds? When you are used and worked to exhaustion you'd have more and greater reason to be put out and angry at the culprit.

    Just my opinion.

  • headmath

    The thing is no other religion other than the JW claim to be SO RIGHT ALL THE TIME. I think that is what the hatred is all about. Catholics believe all religions meet at the same point but the JW is absolutely sure all the time that their's is the ONLY true religion.

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