WT book that instructs members how to lie in court..Is there such a thing?

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  • girasole

    Has anyone ever presented this to a lawyer or judge? It doesn't seem legal give masses of people with individual circumstances and situations generalized responses to questions that would be asked in a courtroom. Seems to me like this would be equal to saying - no, you can't be honest, just say what we've told you to say - wouldn't a judge see that as an obstruction?

    The fact that they even have to give members something of that nature is just sad - it's like saying "we can't trust you sorry suckers to be honest lest you defame the name of the organization!"

    And if you have to TELL PEOPLE that they need to let others know that their ideas are a result of their own thinking - then their ideas are obviously NOT THEIR OWN THINKING!! I mean, come on.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Whyizit explained,

    Evidently I don't have enough memory or something in my computer to down load this file.

    Yeah, evidently something.

    What are you running, a TRS-80?

    well, we tried to help...

  • whyizit

    Computer jargon is like Greek to me. Sorry to say, but I know very little about any of it. I feel fortunate to have figured out how to access PMs...!!!

    Kinda like my car. I know it works when I drive it, but HOW does it do it? No idea! I'm just thrilled that I'm getting from point A to point B!

    Thanks for all the help on this subject. I did find a copy of the book on ebay and am going to purchase it. Anything you find particularly interesting about it that you could guide me to? Commentaries?

    Since my slow and sad little device can't seem to down load sh_t!

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