What do you do with your time now that you are no longer a Witness?

by The wanderer 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • yaddayadda

    Like many on here, since leaving the JW's I now spend most of my free time surfing JW related websites. ahahhaaarrrr unnngh

  • Twitch
  • RichieRich

    I work full time at Target, and unofficially part time at the best tattoo parlor in the world.

    I go to school full time.

    I find the time to enjoy the company of young ladies on occasion, and I've even been to church with my roomate a couple of times.

    I take what's given me, and give more back. I spend time bettering myself.

    Somtimes, I sit back and breathe, and just feel thankful.

  • integ

    I do most anything, but after all I'm just a gal named: NANCY NELSON.

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