Not DF'd or shunned?

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  • Fleur

    Indeed, you have been very fortunate thus far, I hope that it remains so!

    You should however prepare yourself for any eventuality. Do all you can to reassure your parents of your love for them regardless of whom practices what religion.

    My parents still talk to me, under considerable pressure from the family and congregation not to. I even have other siblings that shun my parents now because they speak to me, and my child. How twisted is that? They shun my child even though she has never been baptized or anything. It's their loss...frankly I am grateful not to have their influence in her life, she doesn't need that.

    Be prepared for the day to come when your parents tell you that if they have to choose between you and Jehovah, they'll pick "him". Even if they do still talk to you, if they are really active in the religion than eventually, they will panic for your eternal salvation, and also they will worry about their own if they associate with you. I truly hope that it works out otherwise and your family can be one of the rare ones that separate religion from blood. It does happen occaisiontally...just far too rarely for my liking!

    I'm happy for you that it's going so well so far. Take care of yourself even without the shunning leaving the WTS is an emotional rollercoaster.



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