Canadian JWs voting YES on city tax-exemption poll

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    Honesty says:

    A copy of the email sent to JW's would be nice.

    I would copy it here if I could, but I don't want to take the chance of possibly exposing the one who sent it to me.

    It's very short and instead of just only paraphrasing it in my own words, I have put some of the significant parts of it in quotations in a few of my posts to try and get their point across...such as:

    By clicking onto the link, "you can see the far right of the page, there is a vote-on feature"... and... "the brothers are asking as many witnesses as possible to vote yes"....and... "If you want to vote on it, it would help to give a good public response".

    So please, I hope you all can accept just these exerpts only from the email. They are plain enough by themselves without revealing to much about its origin.


    Had Enough

  • R6Laser

    "I don't find this funny at all. If the JWs ARE "trying to sway the vote to YES" by getting as many other JWs as possible to add their YES vote to the count...does that mean we should just sit back and watch?....or should we maybe TRY to even things out a bit by adding our opinion to the vote. That's all this opinion poll is asking....just what does the public think about this subject.

    Sometimes I just don't get it. Many of us have spent the majority of our lives locked into this "yes master"..."whatever you say master"..."no questions asked and no opposing opinion offered" type of thinking. When we finally break free of it, what do we do? Do we sit back and just watch others waste their lives in this kind of thinking or do we try to do whatever we can to try to stir things up a little at a time.... no matter how little it is or how insignificant it may seem to be to others?

    Had Enough (of the "I want to do whatever I can, no matter how little it is, to hopefully help someone to start thinking on their own " class)"

    I do find it funny because now that you spent all this time getting out of their control you are doing exactly what was being done to you in the first place. You are trying to influence people to change their minds to YOUR way of thinking. I don't know about you but I never said yes, master, or did anything I was uncomfrotable with when I was associating with JW's. So who are you to try and force other people to YOUR way of thinking. Its a free world, if someone wants to beleive that the sky is made of marshmallows than that is their issue. That person is living his life just fine and is happy. I won't waste my time trying to find agendas on things that are for personal decisions.

    We left the cult, good for us, those that want to see things for what they truly are will eventually come to their senses and find their way out too. I don't need to force my beliefs on people who don't want them, otherwise we become the same thing that they are.

  • Legolas

    OK....It let me vote again...So it's allowing you one vote a day!

    Come on again!

    BTW....I don't care if it's just a newspaper vote....We have a message to send!

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