What's the most unexpected comments your JW companion said in the FS?

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  • earthtone

    Blondie - me! lmao

  • Hecklerboy

    A funny thing happened to me when I was a little guy, around 5 years old. My mom had us kids and a friend out in FS and was at a door talking to a lady when all the while my brother and his friend were picking on this ladies pet monkey she had in the year. I was stand there like and idiot just watching when this monkey starts getting pretty mad and starts chasing my brother and friend. Well they pass me buy and the monkey grabs me and bites me on the butt. It didn't hurt but man did it scare me to death. My brother still gives me a hard time about that.

  • Lutece67

    Once when I was little, my mom and I were out and at one door and a man came out and my mom started talking, but after about a sentence he yelled "take that crap and get out of here" and then he slammed the door. Well, she had this long coat on and part of it got caught in the door when he slammed it shut. I remember this look on her face of fear before she rang the doorbell again. He opened the door and she mumbled "my coat was caught" and we then scooted out of there. I remember she didn't want to go to any more doors the rest of that day.

  • monkeyshine

    I was out in service with our PO one day and the householder was a faith healer. Ironically his son was in a wheelchair. After the HH told us to beat it (in so many words) he began closing the door in our faces and the PO yelled out right before it shut "Why don't you heal your son!"

    I was about 10 years old at the time so needless to say I was pretty confused.

  • chiddy

    This so called true story involved a sister on f/s on her own (i know!) from a neighbouring cong when the householder opened the door and was a good looking guy , they got talking etc, and she was invited in and they ended up having sex, she was d/f 'ed for it though. Talk about declaring the good news!

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