Selling A House

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  • MsUrsy

    We have owned 3 houses....the first one we lived in for a year and a half, and we moved 500 miles away and rented it was pretty much a was a bad housing market and we couldn't sell it, so we "quick sold" it to my mother in law....nightmare the whole thing!

    the second house we bought in So Cal for 87,500.00 in husband got a transfer and we put our house on the market with a "creepy" freak of a man down the street....he did hardly anything for us, but the upside was it sold in 1 week for 250,000.00, that was after only 4 years!! All and all...good transaction!!

    Our 3rd house, the one we live in now here in Colorado we bought 2 years ago...good deal and all, but our family is quickly down-sizing and we are looking to also down-size, and tomorrow our realtor is coming to help us put our place up for sell...I'll keep you posted on how this one goes!

  • Legolas
    Legolas, How did you go about selling it specifically before you had a realtor?

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean!

    If your asking if we did any repairs....Then yes we did, on the one we just sold we did 3 years of renovations ...I swore after that that I would never buy a used home again! (The first home was new)

    I would recommend 'interviewing' at least 3 realtors and ask them questions ..My first question to all would be 'How much do they think they can get for the house' (Every neighborhood has a top value)...If two out of three are the same but the third is way careful of him/her.

    With all the TV shows that are now on (About selling and what to do) ask if they recommend that you do anything beyond keeping the house clean, again be careful, some want things done that there is no need for. (They are just people that want everything 'just so') But they should know how to present (Maximize your space) your house to the appeal of different types of people. (Families, couples etc...)

    I can tell you that the two rooms in a house that make it sell quicker are the kitchen and the bathrooms. So if you need anything done to sell, start with these rooms. (That is if it is just cosmetic work that needs to be done and not something structural)

    If I can think of anything else I'll let you know!

    Good luck!

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