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  • Quandary

    Ephesians 4:11 "And he gave someto be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;" I believe this scripture clearly indicates that not all but some of the followers or Christ would be active preachers.


  • earthtone

    Believe it or not I would end up studying with most of the kids that I went to school with after I knocked on their door.

    I knew they weren't seriously interested in the"truth" but it gave me a reason to hang out with them .

  • wonderwoman

    knocked on this door! next thing this man answerd with a huge erection poking thru his sports pants! he asked me what did i want, so i just started talking about the magazine, i looked at the sister and i saw her looking at his alert member! i burst out laughing and so did the sister!

    we were holding each other up in the street coz we were lauging that badly!

    M B -LMAO What the hell else could you do??

    I hated service. I was really shy and embarrased. I used to do RV's on my worldly bf in 11th grade. I could hang out with him while everyone in the car thought I was being such a good little jw.

  • solo

    I had some awful experienes at school, I used to get bullied by a gang of girls younger than me. They used to follow me around and humiliate me. I was so ashamed, I hadn't a clue about standing up for myself.

    My parents were so intent on continually moving to where the need was greater that we were continually changing schools, I propably went to a new school each year. I never witnessed to anyone at school, I did my best to keep the JW thing a secret.

    Although once the RE teacher, who was very fierce, was asking what sort of project the class would put together for Xmas. she picked on this poor kid, who was the child of a bible study, he said he would not do it - to roars of laughter, she said "why not boy" and he went and said "because I'm a JW" I thought for godness sake what's the matter with you. Then she picked on me - I just sat there frozen with terror, then she said "I suppose you are a JW too" I sort of muttered yes. After the lesson all the girls came up to me laughing hysterically, saying that I had got one over on the RE teacher, and fancy pretending to be a JW. I was so proud that I had fooled them!

    I was so scared of running into school kids on the territory, I used to stand in dread at each door thinking someone I knew would open it. Strangely it never happened. I used to hate missing Assembly, not knowing any hymns, not being able to get involved in anything remotely interesting. One lad chastised me for offering him sellotape for the xmas collage he was making, he said you are not supposed to help!

    My poor brother used to go to doors on his own at the age of 8 in remote territory. One couple of men ?? invited him in and he came away with a box of chocolates (that's not an expression for something else but he may have had a lucky escape)

  • Nowman

    I went to 13 different schools, so when I went to a new school, I would not tell anyone I was a JW until I had to go door to door in my neighborhood, that always blew my cover.

    I remember my dad and I went to this door, it was my turn. This man came from his backyard with a board with nails in it, he started chasing us with it. My dad told me stay calm and stay close to him, well I disobeyed and took off running, what was my dad thinking?

    I was with someone (don't remember) and we went to the door, and a man came to the door with a shotgun pointed at us, we took off running.


  • Devilsnok
    My poor brother used to go to doors on his own at the age of 8 in remote territory. One couple of men ?? invited him in and he came away with a box of chocolates (that's not an expression for something else but he may have had a lucky escape)

    Not all gay men are paedophiles and its stupid to think otherwise. I think you'll find that the majority aren't and that most sexual abuse is carried out by heterosexual men.

    Sorry to go off thread but I found the above line offensive.

  • JWdaughter

    If a couple of men invited a little girl in and gave her candy. . .I wouldn't assume they were gay or hetero or pedophiles, but I would worry for the child AND question their(adults) judgement, but mostly the judgement of the adult who sent a child out to strangers homes and allowed them to go inside! WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING???? Any of those adults are stupid, either for being vulnerable to accusation, suspicion or ??? or for endangering a child(criminally IMO).

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