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  • Ralon

    Hi friends,

    Thank u all for all the loving comments and encouraging words in reply to me post "visiting after 4 years".

    As requested here is a short update of what has happened since I left:

    During the search of my son and up to about a year later my wife took the jws side, more or less,she continued going to meetings.However,the treatment she received from the congregation was unbelievable !!! She still stuck with god(as she put it) but after receiving an anonimous letter from someone in the cong where she was asked to leave the cong and move to another one,and that her children didnt love her ,she got the point and left(never DA herself though) Can u imagine saying to a mouring mother that her children(including her dead one) didnt love her !!!? Today she has nothing to do with those animals or any other jws. However,we finaly got divorced..

    My other son DA himself not long after me after he also been he hates them,and I dont blame him at all.

    My parents in Israel DA themselves not long after me,and they did it in a big way with a lot of noise(such as demonstrating outside the hall when all jws were coming to the assembly) with them about 22 others left the org including 2 elders and one of the "anointed".

    I struggled to cope with my son's death for long time.To keep my mind accupied I went through a long Scuba dive course and became an instructor.The underwater world gave me peace. I traveled overseas few times,worked in other countries and managed a dive centre on very special island in Fiji..diving diving and diving...40m visibility,packed with marine life..only the level of nitrogen in my body kept me outside the water..I became a friend with about 200 fish who would come to me as soon as I entered the water..I had a great relationship with an octipus...(i got into underwater photography as well)I also met in my work of teaching people from all over the world...great people...from who i learned so much..

    Since I have been traveling around the world. I'm at the moment in Israel visiting mt family here. I had to go through the last war here...and living in the north of the country we had here a fair share of missles launched on Israel (we had about 150 falling on us) but no damage to any in my family.

    I would be returning to NZ soon after spending a week in Bangkok and few days in Sydney,to start an interesting business with me son..or for him soon as I set him up I will travel again.

    Well,thats basically it . Where am I spiritually? Still very spiritual and as always I cannot ignore the facts I discover. I have spent all the past 5 years on spiritual research as I went through my life.My conclusions so far:

    Looking at the facts in the animal world - The creator is the crulest person there is. He is the one that should repent and ask forgivness from his creation. In his creation he has broken all his laws and commands found in the bible..ALL OF THEM!!! (good subject for another post..I guess)

    Unfortunatly the only book that could give me a sure hope to see my son again doesnt contain the truth...yes that was my finding..the truth is not in the Bible!!!

    No one cares about you or me or any craeture on earth..thats a fact too..and I can prove it to any one...

    I know it all sounds negative...but nevertheless its true...thats the way it is...

    Am I too negative? I dont think so..just realist..I would love to write about why I have reached those conclusions,but not sure if I wil have the time..or if it will be welcome...

    Thank you all again for the love and for being truth lovers...I will be willing to answer any question or help anyone who thinks I can help...

    Bye all

  • lisavegas420

    I am so sorry for the loss you have experienced.

    ..I would love to write about why I have reached those conclusions,but not sure if I wil have the time..or if it will be welcome...

    I would love to hear your thought and beliefs. Please share.

    Thank you for coming back and giving us an update.


  • Dansk
    or if it will be welcome...

    It will be very welcome. Please stick around and post some more!


  • luna2

    Facinating stuff, Ralon. I, too, would be interested in hearing more.

  • LennyinBluemont

    Have you already posted somewhere what it was initially that caused you to begin to see the truth about the witnesses?

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