UPDATE: NGO letter to MS friend

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  • sinis

    Well, my wife called him the other day to see if he had gotten our e-mails (never got back to us). Well I never told my wife I sent him the UN NGO letter. I guess he made comments to her that I'm an apostate and that he didn't want to tell me. My wife said that I would have more respect for him if he did that (she still has one foot into the JW's and one out). He agreed. To this date I have not heard from him. I find it really sad that at this point in life grown adults stick there heads in the sand and cannot ot will not open there eyes to religion and how it has become the bain of society. Perhaps one day, when this system is still here I can ask him "where is the promised presence?". I'm sure though he will believe it until his dieing breath.

  • mama1119

    Two of my friends, who live miles apart, have brought things to the elders attention. Both were promised information on the things that were brought forth, and to date, neither one of them has had any resolution from the elders. They have nothing to come back with, so they simply don't come back.

  • CD

    Hello -

    Where can I see a copy of this NGO letter?



  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    A very sad story that is similar to my own experience.
    My best friend who received the NGO letter from me
    cannot accept the fact that the Watchtower was
    involved with the United Nations.

    We are no longer friends because of this.


    The Wanderer

  • Poztate

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