An elder just called me -- Longest 20 minutes ever

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  • Dune

    I'm trying to fade away.

    SO to make a long story short, i left my congregation without saying so much of anything but to one of the elders.

    Another elder calls me up tonight and starts talking about how he expected me to be more mature about the situation (keep in mind i havent so much as said more than "hi" to him for the past two years.

    Then he asks me "so why'd you leave?" and i say "No reason...". Which pisses him off and sends him on to some tangent about how spiritual minded brothers should be.

    Lastly, he says something that kinda made me wonder, he said "You do know that, wherever you go, we have to send a report?". I wanted to ask "Are you threatening me?" but to tell you the truth, i kinda zoned out while he was talking.

    I'm just glad i didnt get a shepherding call (the visiting kind, lol).

  • mkr32208

    It would have been AWESOME if at the end of his speel you had just said... "Oh I'm sorry I just sorta zoned there for the last 20 minutes or so, what did you say again?"

  • jwfacts

    Good for you, it is difficult to listen to them without responding, but if you want to fade it is best to say nothing. Hopefully you will be all but forgotten and left in peace by the elders.

  • RichieRich

    Depending on how you approach this, this could be the start of a very good thing.

  • JimWood

    As we are finding out there is no ?just fading away?. Yes you can lose touch with all the old wit-less but there will always be that looking over the shoulder. The best thing you can do is to ?officially sever? all ties, isn?t that what the WTBS tells new recruits? Just return in kind. We are within weeks of getting the Ax, then we can celebrate whatever we want to (even Festivus) without the nagging big brother feel. Just send the elders a letter or two about some hot button topic (UN, child molesting, make crap up) and sit back to enjoy the ride as you make them squirm.

  • jeanniebeanz
    "Oh I'm sorry I just sorta zoned there for the last 20 minutes or so, what did you say again?"

  • itsallgoodnow

    it's too bad. if you only knew how easy it is when you don't have a penis. no elder gives a flip. I get snotty remarks from elders wives, sure, but nothing official from the man. this is one time I'm not complaining about the lack of equality.

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