Attending meetings by phone!

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  • nsrn

    Continuing saga of my elderly parents:

    Mom has a broken shoulder (now 8 wks!) and still can't use it at all. Recall that she fell out of the back door going to meeting one Sunday, was pulled to her feet, went on to meeting and sat for 2 hours with her arm dangling uselessly. one, including my dad, noticed?!?!?

    So with my dad's cancer, my 86 year old parents are nearly 'shut-in'. And the friends from the hall have been great about calling, bringing meals, etc. Now they've brought my parents a speaker phone, and they listen to meetings from home. They love it. I mean, they absolutely think it's the greatest thing ever!!!

    Now I just have to remember when NOT to go over! I stay all night about every 3rd night to help out, so I'll go late on Tuesday and Thursday and not stay over on Saturday night.... I just don't think I could stand it.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    They are real protective of those things too. My mom and sister are in very bad health and don't make it to many meetings . I remember an Elder dropping off one of those phones and he was so serious with my sister about how she could only have it a short while , her goal should be to go to the hall .

  • restrangled

    My mom is 72, and all she has to do is dial in on her own phone when her back goes out. She has admitted to falling asleep during boring talks, especially on Thursday nights.


  • purplesofa
    She has admitted to falling asleep during boring talks, especially on Thursday nights.

    Thanks for the good laugh...

  • nsrn

    At least I could get up, move around, burp, even drink, or play on the computer during a talk!

  • MsShockJock

    NSRN, it's too bad the elders didn't give your parents the speaker phone before your mom broke her shoulder. In one of the congregations I attended an elderly sister who could not make the meetings because she was taking care of her unbelieving husband, who was very bad off, could not get a speaker phone because an elder's wife's invalid brother, who wasn't even a baptized witness, had the last available phone or telephone line. I really think that sister who had slaved faithfully for decades should have been given priority over this man who wasn't even a witness. Once again, special treatment for elders and their families.

  • parakeet

    ***Now I just have to remember when NOT to go over! .... I just don't think I could stand it.***

    I made that mistake just one time. My JW parents didn't tell me they had a speaker-phone, and I came up for a visit and arrived just in time for the last 15 minutes of the WT study. To say I was dismayed doesn't begin to cover what I felt.

    My parents didn't want to interrupt the study for me, so I sat quietly with them till it was over. My mom was looking at me hopefully, as though 15 minutes of enduring that miserable droning was going to bring me back. I'm very careful to avoid meeting times now.

  • mama1119

    I would have such a hard time paying attention if I was at home listening. You could be tuned in to JW and type away on JWD at the same time.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I listened to the meetings by phone for 2 years. It was kind of funny because I would have to hook up with another person through 3 way calling and this brother would always go to sleep. It wouldn't be very long and the snoring would drive you crazy. I learned to do what I wanted as long as I hung the phone up as soon as the meeting was over. I had a mute button on my phone, so no one could hear me.

  • tnangel73

    *gasp* some congregations give or loan out phones?!?

    My parents listen in on the meetings. They have for about 3 years. My mother can't drive at night because of eye problems. And we just don't let my father drive.

    They've gone through at least 3 speaker phones because of listening to the meetings. They just wear out.

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