Did You Cheat at the Written Review?

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  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Oh yeah, I forgot that it was an insert in the KM. Sometimes I would turn up for the meeting not realising it was the WR, when I realised I thought great, no boring talks to listen through, then I was embarrassed as I had to borrow the WR sheet from someone (normally a 'thoughtful' elder) who happened to have a spare copy.

  • nsrn

    My mom says they do an oral review now instead of written.

    Ah, written review! My official elder's kid job in our tiny congregation was to put a clipboard (homemade by my woodworking uncle) on every chair before meeting. Then anyone who needed a copy of the 'test' would raise their hand, and I would scurry to get them one. Then pick up the boards afterwards. Now for a GIRL who never got to pass a microphone, doing SOMETHING was better than doing nothing, so I got a rush out of it. Boy, that sounds pathetic. My dad would also give me his watch to hold, and I would elbow him when time was 'up'.

    Yes, I cheated. I'd go through it first and answer what I could, then peek at the surrounding folks' papers. My dad would hold his so I could see it clearly on purpose.

    Have I mentioned lately that my dad was one of the 'good guys'? He still is, of course, but at least he is 'retired' from being an elder.

  • Devilsnok

    I never cheated, i didn't see the point. However looking over some old written reviews I find myself asking how on earth I knew that stuff!

  • Priest73

    Oh my gosh!!! I forgot about the written review. I guess I'm starting to heal =-)

  • Kudra

    That stupid written review...

    There was never enough space to write the answers (which I never knew) and that paper they printed them on... blyechhh. It even smelled bad. If I had one in front of me now I'd RIP IT TO SHREDS.


  • purplesofa

    This is a true story......

    Written Review........raise my hand.....say the WRONG answer.

    The conductor says.......IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER?

    The whole congo cracks up.

    It was when Who Wants to Be A Millionare was so popular.

    I did not cheat......but wish I had.


  • Simon

    We used to scribble on the boards they gave out or re-read the previous graffiti. The little pictures of Elders complete with speech bubbles were priceless.

  • Sunnygal41

    didn't have to, always got most of it right.........usually only two or three wrong.........

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    we were supposed to study for it??????

    I could have slept through most meetings and still had it right and believe me I never was into the "teachings"

  • Stephanus

    On the dishonesty thing: I had some Dub ladies visit today. I didn't realise they were Dubs at first when I saw them out the window; one had fashionable calf-length boots with heels on. I didn't think Dub chicks wore that sort of stuff. I mentioned that to her and both ladies commented that they were wearing boots and long skirts because of the cold. I briefly considered asking them why the WBTS won't let them wear slacks, but couldn't be bothered; I could just hear the BS responses like "We prefer skirts", "We choose to wear skirts" and "No-one tells us what we can and can't wear".

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