conversations overheard in Vegas and other musings

by Mulan 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Pistoff

    Cirque shows are fabulous; wife and I have seen O, Mystere, and I can't remember the others. They are the only show in Vegas I feel are worth the high price. P PS: I was in Vegas years ago when we ran into an elder there for the same trade show. He loved to hit the strip ALONE, for some odd reason. He won some money, he said; he had not put in his own, but saw a quarter on the floor and it paid off. Can you believe anyone would try that lame story? He used to go to lots of trade shows by himself, hehe. Finally, he got canned for a long standing affair. A "disgruntled former employee" ratted him out to the elders after he fired her. Ahhh, justice. (He was a real dickhead)

  • M.J.

    I heard that the Blue Man Group show was fantastic. Wanted to see it but didn't get to it.

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