KNOCKING Special Event in Texas

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  • Sunnygal41

    I think it was Randy that first posted on this? Correct me if needed, but, I checked it out and have received this latest "Apostates" wanna show up and share a different "perspective"? Anyways, it's all what you will with the info..........

    KNOCKING Special Event in Texas

    ***Meet the subjects of the film live on stage for question and answer***

    Dallas area (Frisco) -- Sept. 29
    Austin -- Oct. 2

    ***If you can't make it to Texas, please tell a friend who can. Or, order
    the DVD at If you want to attend the special sceening in
    Texas, you MUST follow the important instructions below***

    See the Jehovah's Witnesses featured in the film live, in person: Holocaust
    survivor Joseph Kempler and bloodless liver transplant recipient Seth Thomas
    in Frisco (Joseph Kempler only in Austin). This is the first time the
    subjects of the film will appear together before a live audience. You will
    be able to ask them questions about their experience. The director of the
    film will also be present in both Frisco and Austin to answer your questions
    about the making of the documentary.

    Each screening has limited capacity. We expect these special screenings to
    sell out. You need to order your tickets by Sept. 15. First come, first


    Due to the extermely high interest and demand for tickets, and the challenge
    our volunteers face in distributing the tickets, we are only offering
    tickets to groups of 10 or more. Please arrange a group of friends and
    designate one person as "group leader" to place the order for everyone.
    Please respectfully remember that seating is limited and we ask that you
    order only what you will use, since we don't want any empty seats. If you
    plan on traveling to either event from out of state, it is OK to request
    less than 10 ticktes. ORDERING DEADLINE IS FRIDAY SEPT. 15.

    After collecting the money from your friends, the group leader will send one
    check for the total cost of the tickets. Tickets will then be mailed to the
    group leader.

    send an email to:
    [email protected]
    1. name of group leader
    2. #of tickets (minimum of 10)
    3. mailing address
    4. phone number
    You will get a confirmation email with instructions about sending payment
    Ordering deadline Sept. 15

    send an email to:
    [email protected]
    1. name of group leader
    2. #of tickets (minimum of 10)
    3. mailing address
    4. phone number
    You will get a confirmation email with instructions about sending payment
    Ordering deadline Sept. 15

    Directions to each event are printed on the back of each full-color,
    oversize (7.5" x 3"), keepsake ticket. The ticket utilizes the same design
    that appears on the KNOCKING DVD.

    Wakeland High School (Theatre)
    10700 Legacy Drive
    Frisco, Texas 75034
    Friday Sept. 29
    Doors open 7pm
    Film begins 7:30pm
    Q&A begins 8:45pm

    Akins High School (Theatre)
    10701 S. First Street
    Austin, Texas 78748
    Monday Oct. 2
    Doors open 6:30pm
    Film begins 7pm
    Q&A begins 8:15pm

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    service to support conversations around the film, "Knocking." If you wish
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  • purplesofa

    we could buy all the tickets up and not show up at all!

  • Sparkplug

    do they do stuff like this? It seems a bit odd. I don't think I ever saw a JW sell tickets to stuff like that. Maybe I just never noticed...

  • jgnat

    Sparkplug, this is a rather unusual case. The director/producer of KNOCKING is a JW sympathizer, and made this film with the Watchtower's blessing. The film is sympathetic to the JW subculture. Somehow word DOES get around to the congregations, as the crowd in California was mostly JW's.

    At least in California, there was a Q & A section afterwards. So it might be a good idea to round up a dozen Texas "Apostates" or so and view the film.

    I wonder if the reqest to send in only bulk orders for tickets is an attempt to control how many "outsiders" view the film?

  • jayhawk1

    Buy all the tickets and ask them about shunning, belonging to the UN and child abuse... On second thought, it's a waste of money.

  • Rabbit

    I would love to see the face of the 'brother' (and his handlers) that received the liver transplant... if someone asked him:

    Do you feel guilty for being alive, because, you were allowed to get a transplant, when hundreds of other Witnesses DIED...back when the Watchtower considered transplantation of organs as -- cannibilism ?

    Just asking...


  • misspeaches

    Isn't Texas the apostate capital?

    If I was there I'd go for sure. Rabbits question is perfect!

  • MegaDude

    I would go if the Texas Apostate Cabal is interested in going. We could ask all sorts of embarrassing questions.

    "Why do JWs take from the blood supply but not donate?"

  • cruzanheart

    Hmmm, tempting . . .

    Nina (of the MAYBE class . . .)

  • TresHappy

    That would be an interesting event to see; however I couldn't stand to be in a room with that many JW's at one time...

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