did anyone go to burning man this year?

by avishai 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • avishai

    i don't even remember putting this guy on my shoulders!!

  • Sparkplug

    ok, so I am paging and paging and paging and I see this girl with a cat bycicle and topless. Now that is a kewl costume.

    What I did not see was a pre telling of when this was. remember? You were going to tell me? And you said they have one here...Whats up with that?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Avi,

    I'm curious about the personal provisioning - would you mind giving us a rundown of how much food and water you had to bring in with you? Do you hook up with a busload of like-minded pranksters or go it alone?

  • avishai
  • misanthropic

    Very cool. I love the outfit you have on in the second picture Avi- you're pimpin' :p

  • ballistic
    Hey balistic! I see you found yer own can a whoop ass? Good fer you!!

    Hey! You noticed. I must admit that I will never forget the feeling of breathing pure Nitrous Oxide while repeating, "Woman! Don't make be go and open a can of wupass on ya!" in a part English, part Texan accent.

  • avishai
  • blondie

    No, but I did go to the movie, The Wicker Man, and I thought of you avishai.

  • avishai

    sparkplug, on that site, for some reason that's all that comes up, dammit. Here's another pic and a link to more....


  • Gregor

    When I saw the original "Wicker Man" movie I decided there was no way I would ever get near one of those parties. I would get paranoid and figure I was "it" for the annual sacrifice. Better safe than sorry. Even though it would fun to see the little cutie with the sharp boobs!

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