Is Sponge Bob Square Pants, gay?

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  • free2beme

    I was speaking to this woman at work today, and my phone rang and as my ringer for a certain friend, I have the sponge bob square pants song ...

    "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea .... "

    ... well she is a little strange and very ultra Christian. She started telling me, that her church she goes too feel that Sponge Bob and Patrick are portraying the gay lifestyle. She mentioned an episode, that I remember, where they were raising what was a baby clam as a couple. I thought she was a whack job, and as I mentioned before "Christianity brings out the insanity, the best." Yet she was serious, and she actually felt that Sponge Bob is promoting the gay lifestyle and that he is clearing a homosexual sponge.

    So, what are your thoughts. Do you think Sponge Bob Square pants is gay? Better yet, do you know anyone else who feels like this woman I work with?

  • IP_SEC

    no he's not gay, at least not in the sexual sense. these ppl are shallow. Yes I've heard it befo even from dubs. Theres an old thread here somewhere I remember. I think the title was the exact same as yours

  • moshe
  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Oh please, it's a children's show. Two guys can be affectionate without it meaning they are gay, in real life AND in cartoons!

    Why do people have to be so homophobic and crazy? It's just a simple silly show and I'm sure its creators and writers didn't intend for it to have some kind of ulterior meaning...

  • IP_SEC

    that is exactly the thread i was thinking about moshe. Gracias

  • lovelylil

    umm, he's a kid's cartoon character. I don't believe he has sex on the show with anyone male or female.

  • hambeak

    What about Bugs Bunny he was a real screamer!


  • KW13

    haha, thats a new one

  • loosie


    what about Elmer Fudd was he the first Brokeback mountain star?

  • misspeaches

    lets make it clickable!

    and yes - its extreme and ridiculous to think that.

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