What's the point of quick build KH,s

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  • moomanchu

    Do they still do them and why were they ever done?

    The only reason I can see for them to ever been done is for the publicity?

    Quick builds remind me of Extreme Makeovers Home Edition.

    Do what ever it takes to get your ratings up.

  • Outaservice

    Years ago, Brothers would take years to build a hall. I know, I worked on ours for over two years every weekend! Nobody was in any hurry either, as it sure beat going out in service! And we still got to count our time. I think the Society finally figured that out and so went for the 'quick builds' to get the boys back to selling literature on the weekends!

    Of course it made the local newspapers, so yes a little PR was accomplished too. But a lot of people were hurt in the construction too as it was done way too fast for safety to be an issue. But 'all is vanity' and what's the purpose of it all, certainly no hurry because the end was coming quickly!

    Outaservice (Who still favors the snails pace building style)

  • KW13

    the witnesses used to love talking about them but to be honest, they werent anything special compared to say, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Statue of Liberty or la arc de triumph.


    Quick builds are dishonest..It take months of preperation to pull off a 2 day magic act..Quick builds are not quick..One more WBTS illusion...OUTLAW

  • Honesty

    Thank the Lord I don't have to sit in one of those 2 day wonders thrown together by a bunch of 'volunteers.' No wonder they have to 'remodel' them every 3-4 years.

  • Outaservice

    The JW's used to refer to them as 'Two Day Miracles' but decided that if the Catholic Church had 'Miracles' maybe they better rename them!


  • Navigator

    I suspect the real reason they went for "quick builds" was to marshall skilled labor that would be available for a short time period, but not for an extended construction time. Skilled craftsmen sometimes traveled long distances to a quick build on the weekend, but returned to their regular work after their part was done. Stretched out construction meant that only local craftmen were available.

  • Swamboozled

    I agree with the publicity thing. I remember them going on and on when we were having one about dressing appropriately yadda yadda yadda, because there would be droves of people watching and driving by etc. They are just so proud of these "quick builds". But like Outlaw said, we had to do months of work before the actual quick build.

    On a side note...Ever experience all the "brotherly love" that goes along with a quick build? The judgemental looks and comments when you haven't devoted every waking second of your spare time to the labor of the new kingdum hall? People saying things like...glad you finally made it out here, etc. Our quick build really opened our eyes about the so-called love within the congregation.

  • lovelylil

    They are a smokescreen in a way because most JWs including me when I was a dub think that the society is doing quick builds because many are flocking into the org. My hubby worked on many and found two things are usually true:

    1. A new hall is needed as people have babies and they grow up and have babies so due to the normal birth rate - new halls are needed.

    2. Some older halls need to be torn down due to not meeting today's building codes and rebuilt per new specs.

    The point is the new halls are for those who already are JW's - not because new ones are coming in. I have also seen two old halls closed down and a new hall built in another area to combine two congregations. Lilly

  • Stephanus
    The JW's used to refer to them as 'Two Day Miracles' but decided that if the Catholic Church had 'Miracles' maybe they better rename them!

    Jesus had miracles too; they trying to distance themselves from Him as well??

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