Adjustments to Revelation book?

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  • mann377

    I just got an e-mail from my sister with some sort of inserts that must be put in the Revelation book so as to correct it. It is 5 pages of things that should be cut out and pasted into the book. They even have instructions with it. Anyone else seen this?

  • Atlantis
  • carla

    They even have instructions with it--on how to cut out and paste? your kidding right? ha, guess not. I guess when you have an org that has to inform its members how to wash their hands after using the bathroom, how to brush your teeth, etc... I guess they would need detailed instructions on using a scissors and glue.

  • moshe

    They could have been doing this all along to save money. Just think how many study books they could have reused- maybe this cut and paste will get some of them thinking for the first time.

  • V

    Complete analysis of Revelation changes here:

  • Amazing

    A good friend of mine was disfellowshipped he refused in promote the Revelation Climax book door to door. He found a historical lie on page 105, and wrote to the Society. This was about 1991-1992. The Society wrote back an answer that was worthless and did not really address his concern. They told him that he is not responsible for any slight errors, and to go ahead and place the book in good consicence. His discovery is that the Society claims on page 105, in a highlighted box, that the Watchtower pointed forward to 1914 as the beginning of the end times. In fact, the Society never did any such thing. They pointed forward to 1914 as the upper time limit for when the Bible Students could expect Armageddon and the end of the system. The Society preached this view up until 1914 and then Russell shifted the date to 1915. Then he died and Rutherford moved it to 1925, and so on. In fact, the Society contined to push 1874 as the time of Jesus second presence until 1929 before moving it to 1914. (See the Watchtower book, Prophecy, pg. 65, by Rutherford). After this, they began to reinvent 1914 to call it the beginning of the end.

    Jim Whitney

  • MidwichCuckoo
    go ahead and place the book in good consicence

    That alone is disgraceful.

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