Watchtower and Jonestown Drawing Comparisons

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  • parakeet

    ***In 1978, the now deceased and infamous Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple ordered more than 900 of his followers to drink cyanide-poisoned punch. Sadly, most of his followers did so willingly, with only a few opting not too.***

    I saw a TV program about Jonestown recently. It was stated that most of the people there did not drink the cyanide willingly. They were forced to drink it at gunpoint. Not sure how this information will affect any WTS/Jonestown comparisons, but felt that it should be posted.

  • greendawn

    Cults are cults their spirit is the same, they have no love or respect for their members, Jones killed them physically the WTS kills them psychologically and to say the least it is not in their interests to drive them to mass suicide, they would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • pratt1

    I definitely think that there are similarities between the 2 cults.

    Jim Jones established a cult that preyed on the disinfranchised - minorities, elderly and immigrants, and the poor. He offered them hope for a better life. Very similar to the dubs, especially in the 60's and 70's. The dubs promised freedom from oppression due to race, eternal youth, no money problems as long as they were loyal to the cause.

    As far a living together as a commune, don't forget about the Isrealites who were told to flee Jerusalem, when the armies were near. Those followers left their homes and even family with just the shirts on their back. I don't think it is far fetched to think that if the Borg thought the government was circling there wagons in an attemot to disban their religion, they would flee to some place were they could still practice there religion.

    I am sure that many of the still loyal members would leave and abandon property, careers and family.

    The next step would be easy. Once isolated from from the world they could be convinced to do almost anything if they believe it is God directed through the Borg.

    That includes taking their own lives.

    How different is it from refusing blood and allowing a family member to die.

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