Time to find out My Purpose

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    You assume wrong... ; (see my profile)

    Sorry Lisa -

    Something in your posting style made me assume that - mea culpa. Having reviewed this thread I don't see why I thought that. If you somehow convinced me of that on the board - I think they will never catch on.


  • peacefulpete

    Its a reflection of their "group think" to deny a personal purpose in life. All humans have the same purpose.

    The fun part is asking them what is that purpose. They'll talk about worshipping god and living forever.

    Follow up with more questions such as "So my sole purpose in life is to spend eternity worshipping a god who made humans so as to have someone to worship him?"

    Generally realizing how disturbing that sounds they will shift to the idea of living ever after in paradise.

    Ask them then if living forever wasn't simply more of what we presently have, and so how does having more of what is now 'meaningless' give me meaning?

    They will likely speak about the future joys of paradise, eating good food, having good friends, nice homes etc.

    "AAh, now I get it, the purpose of life is to enjoy the good things and showing love to others. Thankyou I believe I will do just that from now on. I guess I don't need a Bible study after all."

  • lisavegas420

    What the hell? It's 1:20..she was supposed to be here at 1:00. I think she blew me off.


  • PrimateDave

    Your Purpose:
    *** bh chap. 3 p. 31 par. 9 What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth? ***
    9 Jehovah’s perfect sense of justice would not allow him to put the rebels to death right away. He decided that time was needed to answer Satan’s challenge in a satisfying way and to prove that the Devil is a liar. So God determined that he would permit humans to rule themselves for some time under Satan’s influence. Why Jehovah did that and why he has allowed so much time to pass before settling these issues will be discussed in Chapter 11 of this book. Now, though, it is good to think about this: Were Adam and Eve right to believe Satan, who had never done anything good for them? Was it right for them to believe that Jehovah, who had given them everything they had, is a cruel liar? What would you have done?
    Yes, chapter 3 is the whole Adam, Eve, Jehovah, and Satan 6ull$h1t. Basically, God wants to look good for his 'angels' so that not too many of them go off and party with ol Lucifer. So, to keep the ranks in line, he lets billions of innocent humans suffer and die needlessly to satisfy some obscure sense of justice until he can get his only 'son' to go down and get murdered temporarily to show that it is possible to be resurrected only there is like no visible proof that anyone has ever been 'resurrected' but we have a 'sign' of his presence that Armageddon is just around the corner... (take a deep breath) Did I leave anything out?
    Is God all knowing? Is He not all powerful? Well, since God LET Eve and then Adam eat the fruit, then it is HIS fault for being such a bad ruler. He should have KNOWN that Satan was going to deceive the woman ahead of time. God acts like a FOUR year old child throwing a tantrum. OBEY ME or else...
    "Was it right for them to believe that Jehovah, who had given them everything they had, is a cruel liar?" - Well, Jehovah was cruel. He threw them out of their home, decided to torture the woman with unnecessary birth pains, and then let them die, all for a piece of fruit. So much for divine justice.
    "What would you have done?" - Hypothetically, first do no harm. Realistically, it's just a myth. No Jehovah, no Satan, no Adam, no Eve. You've just got one life to live, so why spend it going door to door or at the meetings. Wishing for everlasting life on a paradise earth won't make it happen. At least, that's what I would say.


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