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  • daydream1900

    i was just wondering what you guys thought!i saw Madonna live not long ago she was amazing! but one thing that greatly concerned me is that she looked possessed. have you not seen her latest antics? with her nailed to the cross! also in the reinvention tour she sung about the wild beast from revelation? the it made me wonder is Madonna is the scarlet woman who drinks out of the cup?? also in her latest video she is wearing purple!!!!!!!

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  • MegaDude

    Whatever, troll.

  • daydream1900

    why should she retire??? she make great music! and thats what us clubbers need? viva tha diva!!!! VIVA MADONNA!

  • Fe2O3Girl

    A Madonna concert is not just Mads miming to a backing track - it is a spectacular! Dozens of dancers and performers, and constantly changing stage sets. I don't doubt that there is a handsome profit on each tour, and her mangement know that her fans will pay and pay to see her. However, there must be a huge outlay in preparing, rehearsing and moving a show of that magnitude.

  • daydream1900

    DARLING THANKYOU! the whole place stank of money even the big glitter ball was worth £1 million!
    the sound the stage truly awesome! as for miming ! total rubbish they were occasion were she lost her words n stuff she jus laughed it off but we got our money back with the show! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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  • Twitch

    Welcome daydream1900

    Madonna has always been controversial. As an entertainer, I gotta respect her talent and caliber of her shows as well as her drive and business acumen.

    But I think the parallel you are drawing is a result of the programming, the search for external confirmation of what you believe. The org has always taken current events and people and spin doctored them to justify their doctrine. No offense, just an observation.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'm not a Madonna fan myself, but I did like some of her early music. I think she's a bit past her sell by date now though

    daydream 1900, I see you are from the UK, how about comind down to the Apostacurry in Manchester next month? You'll find the details on this link:

    There will be at least 30 of us there.


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