The October Awake on Creation/Evolution!

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  • Caedes
    What annoys me the most about that article, is this:
    Moses wrote his account in Hebrew, and he wrote it from the persepctive of a person standing on the surface of the earth.
    ...because it`s true, but why do they fail to see the implications of it!? Why can`s they see that the same goes for the rest of the Bible too?

    As M*a*s*h has previously pointed out they are on a climbdown from their previous position regarding evolution/creation, it sounds to me that this is all tied into moving away from a literal creationist position to more of a intelligent design position.

    They have started using all the ID-ot buzzwords and been quoting michael Behe.

    I doubt if they have considered the implications since no jw is going to change their view until the gb gives them 'new light' I doubt it will be a problem.

  • Gill

    Since dropping the 7000 years creative day trashes the 'time of the end' beliefs, how can they keep insisting as they do on the first page of this awake mag that 'this magazine builds confidence in the Creator's promise of a peaceful and secure new world that is ABOUT to replace th present wicked, lawless system of things.'

    How can they still say that?

    Is anyone in JW land using their brains or are they just on stand by mode?

  • Quandry

    They are on standby-waiting to be told what they think. Waiting for newspeak. Waiting to wipe any former information out of their brain and insist it never existed. Waiting to be told that there were individuals who were too eager to speculate that that the creative days were 7,000 years long. The Society never said that. "It is to be regretted....."

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  • Blueblades

    Who actually wrote this article? Was it one person assigned to it? Or were there a number of "scholars" who put this issue together? The reason I ask is because, Richard Elliott Friedman in his book,"Who Wrote the Bible?" Analyzes the identity of the biblical authors and Moses is not the writer of the so - called five books of Moses. Rather,the Documentary theory is now the accepted one . In other words we now know that Moses had nothing to do with writing anything in Genesis.

    "The Bible Unearthed",archaeology's new vision of ancient Israel and the origin of it's sacred texts, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman is another strong book presenting evidence that what is written reflects the world of the authors living at that time rather than actual historical facts.

    So too, It is my opinion that the writers of the Awake issue on Creation/Evolution reflect the world view of the Watchtower living at this time ,rather than actual historical facts. It is no wonder that the authors of these issues still remain unknown. Who are these guys? Where are their scholarly credentials?

    They are controlling the lives of millions of people with their worldview on Creation/Evolution hiding behind the false pretenses of not wanting to have their names named so as to not bring attention to themselves. What that is really all about is, they know that this way they can't individually be called on in connection with what they are writing and teaching because they hide behind the curtain called the Watchtower.

    Sorry Gill, not meaning to get off the subject that you are addressing. I just thought I would come at this article from another angle.


  • uninformed


    So too, It is my opinion that the writers of the Awake issue on Creation/Evolution reflect the world view of the Watchtower living at this time ,rather than actual historical facts. It is no wonder that the authors of these issues still remain unknown. Who are these guys? Where are their scholarly credentials?

    The WT has very intelligently sent Bethel boys to LAW SCHOOL so that now, we have a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION without ONE SCHOLAR, BUT fortunately we have 100 Lawyers in NY that are ready to defend the organization in court for false teachings.


  • Gill

    Page 19

    Creations Appear Gradually

    'Moses wrote his account in Hebrew, and he wrote it from the persepective of a person standing on the surface of the earth. These two facts, combined with the knowledge that the universe existed before the beginning of the creative periods, or 'days', help to defuse much of the controversy surrounding the creation account. How so?

    A careful consideration of Genesis account reveals that events starting during one 'day' continued into one or more of the following days. For example, before the first creative day started, light from the already existing sun was somehow prevented from reaching the earth's surface, possibly by thick clouds. During the first day this barrier began to clear, allowing diffused light to penetrate the atmosphere.

    On the second day, the atmosphere evidently continued to clear, creating a space between the thick clouds above and the ocean below. On the fourth day, the atomosphere had gradually cleared to such an extent that the sun and the moon were made to appear in the expanse of the heavens. In other words. from the perspective of a person on earth, the sun and moon began to be discernible. These events happened gradually.

    The Genesis account also relates that as the atmosphere continued to clear, flying creatures - including insects and membranewinged creadtures - started on the fifth day.. However, the Bible indicates that during the sixth day, God was still in the process of forming from the ground every wild beast of the field and every flying creature of the heavens.

    Clearly, the Bible's language makes room for the posssiblility of some major events during each day, or creative period, to have occurred gradually rather than instantly, perhaps some of them even lasting into the following creative days.'

    There is a lot of perhaps, maybe, allowances made in this attempt to explain the idiosyncracies of the Genesis account of creation.

    It's got to be seen with a human viewpoint on the Earth ...looking up.

    It's got to allow for God not making the sun and moon until day for, and the Bible actually saying that in so many words and yet there already was light.

    They haven't even touched on how plants survived when there was no sun made yet and no animal life, ie insects to polinate the plants.

  • Bammer

    I recently received the magazine from a family member.

    Something that really bothers me about it is on page 3, where there's a small box that tries to explain why Jehovas Witnesses aren't creationists. Jehovas Witness are quite obviously creationists! They just hate it when they are put in a group with other religious people, as it makes it harder for them to think of them as being completely isolated and unique in the religous world.

    Some quotes from the box (I'm translating from my native language):

    ...there is no basis for calling them creationists. Why not? First of all because many creationists believe the universe, the earth and all life upon it was created roughly 10.000 years ago over a period of 6 days of 24 hours"

    Yes, many creationists do believe that. We call them Young Earth Creationists or YECs.

    Jehovas Witness are Old Earth Creationists.

    The creationists have adopted many doctrines that are not supported by the bible.

    So not all creationists share your beliefs? Yes of course. A Jehovas Witness waking up from a 20 year coma would not share present JW beliefs. Doesn't mean JWs aren't creationists.

    In some countries, the term creationist is used regarding fundamentalist groups who are politically active.
    Jehovas Witness are politically neutral.

    Again, so what? A creationist believes the earth was created and life was formed by an intelligent designer. JWs believe the same. JWs are therefore creationists.

    And it might be a good idea to look up the definition for a fundamentalist, too. JWs are a perfect match.

    It bothers me that they spew out so much nonsense, just to try to add to the illusion that JWs are oh so special and completely different from all the other religions on every single doctrine. Some even have trouble calling themselves christian.

    Take care


  • Gill

    Bammer - Yes they really do try to make it appear that they are completely different to any other belief system going on out there.

    We are not a religion. We are not a cult. We are not Fundamentalists!

    I will get round to posting on the amount of times they insist they are not what they clearly are.

    But it seems to go back all the way to Russell calling them 'Bible Students' to appear more intellectual.

    Then, there is Rutherford saying that 'Religion is a Snare and a Racket' - but in the end, that is all that they are.

  • sspo
    Their are so many questions that inquiring JW minds want answered, but are never talked about.

    Most JW do not have inquiring minds and don't care much about the subject.

    We are or were JW's and did noy give much thought because at one time we trusted the GB no matter what.

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