Jdubs and longevity

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  • beautiful south
    beautiful south

    Hi to all. I've been reading your forum for a while and wanted to ask a question.

    Does anybody know how many take the emblems nowadays? They must all be about 120 years old now. Hey........maybe the're really taking a secret elixia of life.

    Sound like a storyline for a new book by Dan Brown.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Welcome Beautiful South. The number of 'Annointed' who partake of the 'emblems' appears to have 'levelled out' - at one point increasing, lol. The reason given is that some 'fall away' and are replaced - and the replacements are relatively young too I'll try and find numbers for you, but I bet someone will beat me to it

  • lowden

    Welcome to the forum Beautiful South

    The subject of 'emblem partakers' has become an utter farce. That's all i can say. Apart from the fact that it's a complete joke aswell.



  • bubble

    Welcome Beautiful South. Great to see another Brit on the board.

    As for who is taking the emblems nowadays, I think it's only mentally retarded people and bible studies that don't know any better!!

  • jwfacts


    There are still 8000 partakers, most are actually quite young. We had a girl start taking them in Parramatta congregation when she was 18. Her elder father also was taking them, she must have wanted to live with him in heaven more than with her mum on earth. The GB feel most partakers are frauds, shame they have to cover up their bogus doctrine that the sealing was closed in 1935 by paying out anyone that wants to go to heaven.

  • solo

    Hi beautiful south, nice to see you here

    I'm a bit confused about this 144,000 thing. when i was in i understood that the anointed had to be of a age in 1914 that they understood world events - so based on this they are getting on a bit now, but before this lot of old nutters die good old armageddon will surprise us all

    was i not paying attention at all those meetings or has the light been lightened again? How can a girl of 18 partake?

    when the biscuits and ribena were doing the rounds we were desperate for some kids to grab a hold and create mayhem but alas it never happened - they were far to well behaved.

    if anyone can clear this for me up i'd be very grateful

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