Jaffa cake and others.............where are you ?

by vitty 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • vitty

    Does anyone know what happened to jaffa cake. He last posted here in June, I hate it when ppl just disapear.

    Also horrible life, she was on here all the time but dissapeared in January

    Is there anyone else YOU have missed ???????????

  • vitty

    Obviously by the huge response, nobody know or nobody cares...........................

  • Sparkplug
    Also horrible life, she was on here all the time but dissapeared in January

    I have been missing her also. She was way kewl. We met her at Hemplovershouse and my coworker keeps asking for her. She is missed!

  • crazyblondeb

    I care, but I don't know. Where are you? Here in the US it's the middle of the night, and not usually alot of people on at this time.


  • vitty

    If something horrible happened to any poster here, how would we know ?

    Im the only one at home who uses this site, if something happened to me I would just dissapear.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Perhaps it would be an idea for EVERYONE (who wanted to) to leave a contact number with another poster, who could check on them if they were offline for a while. Or if someone was going offline (on holiday) they could inform their designated contact. Just a thought - may put minds at ease.

  • valkyrie

    I've been wondering what happened to Super_Becka. Does anyone know?


  • Gadget
    Does anyone know what happened to jaffa cake

    I've only just noticed this old thread!

    Jaffacake lives a few miles from me, I'll send him a text and see how he's doing for you.

    I've wondered how anyone on here would know if anything happened to me, so I've made my parents promise to come on and post if anything does happen. Their both active jw's (dads a ms), although I think they'd keep their promise to let my friends know about me. Curiosity might get the better of my little brother to look and see whats on the apostate site I saved in favorites is too........

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