Why has the BAPTISM Q changed?

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  • jgnat

    There is a database.


    Here's the decison, in context:


    Did I ever mention that I love google?

  • just2sheep

    didn't anyone else answer the second question no? can anyone prove i said yes when i didn't? never joined tms, never reached out for "priveleges", never volunteered to help out at the hall cleanup, refused to go door to door as an "unbaptized publisher", went door to door perhaps 5 times in 10 years. not interested in suing anybody. what association?

    just like their religious writings the wtb&ts' legal writings are pretty much a sham. they work not because of their brilliant legallity, but because they have approx. 100 lawyers on retainer and, at least in the united states, the courts are just the kind of cess pool they are comfortable swimming in.

    i think this question is just a tricky little way of getting one to say, "yes, you may disfellowship me, or announce me as no longer a jw.", or whatever they might do to purge you from their ranks. personally i don't care what they do. if i'm gone they have been purged---end of story. the other sheep however insists they will have to disfellowship her so that she can keep her friends until that happens and then have her say on many subjects before they toss her. different strokes for different folks

    j2s of the we don't need no stinking association class

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