Jehoobie rocks out on you-tube! (puke alert) !!!

by kid-A 28 Replies latest social entertainment

  • DanTheMan

    Bizzybee, hurry and watch this, it should counteract the negative effects of watching that video:

  • hopelesslystained

    omg jehowa! what an inspiring piece. not.

    thank you for the reality check, dantheman.

  • Kudra

    infinite improvement over those kingdum melodies...

  • brutusmaximus

    I think it might be Cliff Richard barf, barf!!


  • purplesofa

    i couldn't get through the whole thing either.

    religious fanatics are so goofy.


  • blondie

    Kenneth Copeland of the evangelical Copeland family that have several TV shows.

    It does prove that JWs are not the only ones that use "Jehovah" in their worship like the WTS would like to claim.

  • nsrn

    Oh, come on now, you guys! It's catchy, kind of Jewish sounding...actually, I have heard this song in worship at our Methodist Church. It was a guest music ministry performing--a little corny but nothing you ever saw at the hall !!!!!

    Hearing 'Jehovah' at church makes me squirm, but maybe I'll get desensitized eventually.

    Seriously, I thought everyone knew Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Just goes to show how apostate I've become...

  • BizzyBee

    Thank you Dan Man......Marilyn Manson was just the antidote I needed......................suddenly everything is beautiful again..............

  • Highlander

    thanks, dantheman, that video is good. I was a kid in the eighties and nineties so rock was my thing.

    It does prove that JWs are not the only ones that use "Jehovah" in their worship like the WTS would like to claim.

    Not that it will change any j-dubs thinking process. I recall riding in the car with my mom and we passed a church that used Jehovah in the title of the church.

    I asked mom if they would survive armaggedon,, she stated "not unless they start going to the kingdom hall"

  • BritBoy

    I seriously threw up a little into the back of my throat... thanks for that... now I need to wash away the taste with ANOTHER Makers Mark and a Marlboro Light!

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