what is the punishment for cybersex?

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  • JimWood

    Well speaking from experience, I mean I know this guy that got publicly reproved for spending time on-line just a lookin’ at ‘stuff’. A few years latter ‘he’ switched halls and felt compelled to talk to the elders about a new situation. Guess what the elders did, they wanted all the sorted details from the public reproof two years earlier. They ‘wanted to be sure a pattern was not developing.’ So much for forgiveness of sins. So long story short, in their view ‘internet bad, and any thing on line is only a means for Satan to get in your life.’

  • kerj2leev

    When I was in the org. I was talking with my elder "friend" and this topic came up.(no pun intended) He said something to the effect of, if there was someone on the other end of the connection, phone or computer, then that person could be DF'ed. If not it was a matter of being unclean and would be handled differently.

  • lesterd

    ??? u n the dark??? everytime you change congregations a file follows you. I know I had an elder who was a freind tell me that he had forwarded me and he felt that is wasnt right, I raced on the streets and shot pool for beers. The practice is illegal and kept secrete.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well the grilling they would get from the elders would probably include info about whether it was a one time thing or a practice.

    A one time thing might warrant reproof but a practice might get you DFed

  • The Latest
    The Latest

    My question is ... how would the elders know about it if the one doing it did not tell them? hmmm...spying comes to mind!

  • poppers

    "The guy would have his HARD DRIVE cleaned!"
    Good one, Dansk! And after that they'd probably have to have some anti-virus software installed.

  • Atlantis

    As Lady Lee mentioned above. Was it a one time thing or was it a practice? If it were a practice, then sooner or later the person would be judged the same as committing idolatry and be removed.


  • Dismembered
    what is the punishment for cybersex?



  • esw1966

    I was df'd for cybersex.

    They, in my opinion, had to really dig deep to do it, but they did.

    I knew my goose was cooked the moment I stepped into that room!

  • FairMind

    I understand that when someone is disfellowshipped for cyber sex it is done by email.

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