Wedding Day Turns Sour

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  • nelly136

    A Broxbourne Council spokesman said: "There are no problems with taking photos in Cedars Park The council does, however, advise wedding parties to contact them in advance to ensure that arrangements can be made for access to Cedars Park.

    "This particular incident was about parking and not the taking of photos. The park manager was concerned about the behaviour of some of the wedding party members and was obliged to call the police to assist."

    nothing a bit of common curtesy/manners wouldnt have avoided then

  • nelly136

    wedding partys come and go from local parks and no one raises an eyebrow, its usually after a wedding the guests get obnoxious and trouble starts and hits headlines

    thats a place that employs park staff so theyre used to a big turnover of pepes in and out, so the behaviour must have caused a problem/inconvinience else they'd have been left to go about their business like anyone else.

    if that had happened when i was a dub they'd have been mortified/embarrassed about causing a disturbance let alone having the bollox to publicise it and try and make it sound like persecution for sympathy.

    guess they dont make em like they used to lol.

  • Geronimo

    Get used to it. It will become progressively more restrictive as a not-very-bright American public acquiecses to an ever nore oppressive, restrictive, and controlling police state. The childhish need for the illusion of "safety" (which can never be had) will overrule liberty and rights. The American sheep will be peacefully corralled and made to suffer the indignities of a totalitarian government. It can already clearly be seen by the older ones in our midst who remember a very different America before the dawning of The Age of Hysteria. 9-11 was orchestrated by a corrupt federal government that needed a reason to clamp down even harder on the American sheep and cows. You can expect, in the next decade, to be working seven months of the year to pay your various teaxes and government fees. Currenly you're working a bit over five months out of the year to pay off the protection racket called the American government. G

  • sammielee24
    9-11 was orchestrated by a corrupt federal government that needed a reason to clamp down even

    ..sorry to you believe the 9-11 conspiracy...I just finished reading some stuff on the 3rd tower that was imploded and found it interesting....sammieswife..

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    it's simple the park officer. was called. then the jw's acted like assholes. to the point the park offical had to call the police. all the jw's had to do was work with the park officer. and move their cars etc. but no the jw's can't act normal. they have to act like they own the park. i'm sorry for the couple. that a few jw jackasses screwed up their wedding day. they had to piss off the park officer by being theocraptic crybabies. john

  • FlyingHighNow

    Oh well, they're young. They are beautiful. They will be in paradise sooner than you know it. They should it enjoy it while it lasts. I hope they have a sense of humor about this.

  • poppers

    Perhaps this incident is (gasp!) an omen.

  • Kenneson


    This happened in England, not in America.

  • underbeliever

    I feel bad for them.

  • under_believer

    Damn it I keep using the wrong account. I wish I could get that one deleted.

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