JW dramas on tape

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  • DesertRat

    Just curious as to how many others besides me might recall some of the old Bible dramas released on cassette tape (longtime JWD posters would undoubtedly know). The earliest one I remember was 'Jehovah's Name Declared In All The Earth' (convention of 1981, I think), which dealt with the Israelites' exodus from Egypt and the beginning of their long sojourn in the wilderness. But it was the sequel 'Beware Of Losing Faith By Drawing Away From Jehovah' that unfortunately really stands out in my memory (perhaps because of the nightmares it gave me..). The sound effects of those who sided with Korah in rebellion against Moses being swallowed to their deaths, or the 'scourge' which Jehovah sent afterwards to clean up any leftover 'murmurers,' made my hair stand up (especially at night ) more than any 'demonized' movie ever could..

    Clearly the intent was not to inspire feelings of warmth or closeness with a God of love, but rather the morbid fear of a malevolent and vindictive Father (a la WTS) who delights in pulverizing His children when they have been naughty..


  • jaguarbass

    I dont think a god of love resides in the bible. Where does the concept a god of love come from? Religion is about creating a need and filling it. Religion creates a need of salvation or answers about an uncertain future and fills the need by offering salvation thru works for the organization who is the intermediary between god and man.The oldest con known to man.

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