Jiffy Lube totally sucks--beware

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  • under_believer
  • LDH

    I could be wrong, but the guy that started Jiffy Lube was a JW. For reals.

    When we used to go to Maryland, we would hang with his kids, they lived in Prince Georges (?) county. You don't live there unless you have 'money's mamma.'


  • mkr32208

    Readers digest did one of these a few years back and found that something like 83% of the shops they took their "test" car too did this type of crap! Same with repairmen!

    I always wonder what percentage is dishonesty and what percentage is stupidity and incompetence!

  • Warlock

    If you want an honest mechanic, look for a woman mechanic.


  • rebel8

    My experiences at Valvoline were poor. Once they put too much oil in and caused me lots of $ in repair bills trying to find out where the "leak" was from. The manager refused to take my calls and corporate didn't respond to my certified mail.

    I didn't return until 15 years later, thinking I'd give them a 2nd chance. Went a few times and it was always a hassle. They would make up a bunch of nonsense words to explain what they were doing. I even looked up the words afterwards to see if they were real--some were fake words and others weren't used in the proper context. They suddenly raised the price of a basic oil change from ~$30 to ~$60. I argued about it and showed them their sign saying I asked for the $30 one......after much arguing, I didn't win. Never will go back.

    Next time went to a Jiffy Lube. There was a window in the waiting room, so I could see they were actually doing the work. They were extremely nice, vaccuumed my car for free, and the cost of the oil change was $30. I wonder if the scam is occurring just on the west coast???

  • hambeak

    Being in the auto repair business I couldn't agree more. Here is why. Most oil change places use bulk oil which is great but sometimes the regulators on the oil infulsion line are not calibrated and the tech doesn't check the dip stick. Also if you drive a Japanese car DO NOT USE PENNZOIL!!!!!!!!!! Here is why all oils have detergent in them but PENNZOIL has an ingredient in it that dissolves F.I.P.G. ( FILL IN PLACE GASKET) this is glue not a gasket. and pennzoil dissolves it and you develope oil leaks especially Nissa


  • done4good

    Agreed. With, my last visit to Jiffy Lube they left the breather tube disconnected on the air intake, (why did they disconnect anyway to change oil???), and within a day my check engine light was on. No more Jiffy Lube.


  • earthtone

    Ham what's a japenese car? I have a toyota celica

  • hambeak

    Japanese cars are all toyotas, hondas, nissan, mitsubishi, included are Korean kia and hyundai. The new chevy aveo is made in Korea using a daihatsu engine and all parts


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