Jehovahs Witness Incapable of Lying!!!

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  • Elsewhere
    In the UK you need to pay for a licence (currently around £135 per year for a 'colour' licence) to receive TV.

    Holy crap! Are you serious or are you just pulling our leg?

    That is seriously Orwellian! Why would you need a license to watch TV? Can they really monitor what you are watching?

  • Jim_TX
    Over 70 years old and registered blind persons have a discount.

    I suppose that they broadcast in braille? How would a blind person benefit from a 'visual' form of media?

    (I guess that they could 'listen' to it...)


    Jim TX

  • tijkmo

    no its not a joke...

    but neither is dont have to have a licence if you are only using the tv as a moniter..for games, video, dvd etc

    my parents dont have a tv licence but they have a tv and it has been disabled and the licencing people have been informed and they have a letter to that effect

    mind you we tape plenty tv programmes for them to watch so whats the difference eh

    still..not my problem

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Check this out Elsewhere.........

    I've just renewed mine online, but I can send you an old one if you like, lol.

  • Legolas

    OMG...You need a 'license' to watch TV?

    LMFAO...That is one of the stupidest things I ever heard!

    Do you still have to pay for cable?...Do you even have cable over there?

  • badboy

    Wasn't Someone going to challenge the tv licence in court?

  • Finally-Free

    A license to watch TV!!!??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I don't know what's more ridiculous - the idea of a JW telling the truth or needing a license to watch TV!!!


    This made my day!


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    It's her word against the tv man's - whether he did actually go into the house or not to check the telly was working. (Incidentally, you're not obliged to let these guys onto your property to check - so if you want to make life difficult for them tell them to come back with a police officer and a search warrant!)

    Legally, if you have any equipment which is capable of receiving a tv signal (pc cards included) you're supposed to have a licence. She would have been more sensible to remove the aerial.

    Legolas - yes we have cable - but you still have to buy the licence because it is associated with the receiving equipment, not where the signal came from.

    Any licencing people out there who might trace this post - Emo does NOT have a television!!!!

  • Mary
    In the UK you need to pay for a licence (currently around £135 per year for a 'colour' licence) to receive TV. have to have a licence to watch TV??!! Do you have to have a license to drink a cup of coffee in the mornings too? What a rip off.......

    Over 70 years old and registered blind persons have a discount.

    How very generous.

  • roflcopter

    i dont see how this would work either unless uk TVs transmit a small signal... how can then know if your recieving airwaves since the airwaves permeate (<--- spelled right?) every house, even ones without TV's... hmmm

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