Unitarian church

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  • bavman

    While I don't identify myself as a Unitarian Universalist I have attended numerous times two different UU churches in my area and have been through their "intro" meetings. The people are generally well educated, open minded and quite fantastic. I am slow to join anything but when I get the urge to meet with others on a spiritual path, sing songs and feel like being part of something larger (besides when in nature) I visit one of these two churches. They keep a visitor name tag for me there. Two books you might read if you are interested in the UU approach to the Trancendental are: Finding Your Religion - when the faith you grew up with has lost it's meaning and A Chosen Faith - an introduction to Unitarian Universalism. Take care.

  • Mysterious

    I certainly would not say the UU is at all similar in structure or belief to the JWs. Walk up to their pastor after his/her sermon and say "I don't believe x that you said" and they will probably smile and tell you it's up to everyone to make up their own mind and find something that works for them. Try that in a kingdumb hall. Or more likely you will find nothing objectionable enough is said for you to even say you don't believe it since it is not likely to be framed as fact in the first place. I think they are a great place for spirtual seekers to start. They teach tolerance and a broad base in many faiths. I certainly don't think you would be hurt by the experience.

  • peacefulpete

    We were kindly invited to attend with bavman and his ladyfriend and found the people kind and approachable. We have also twice attended UU services in our immediate area so as to hear informative guest speakers. One speaker dealt with the psychology of honesty and the other was a special event for Darwin Day raising awareness of the contribution he made to science.

    Personally we don't get into the "church" mimicry of hymnlike songs, opportunities for people to gush about this or that emotional experience and moments of silence, in fact it kind of creeps us out. But I'm sure we'll attend again if and when a speaker is invited that interests us.

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