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  • zagor


    Reading your previous post, I’ve come to realize that you are either one of the authors of pro-607BC site or you basically plagiarized the content by copying and pasting it as most of what you say here is word-for-word same as on that site.

    I’ll give you a benefit of a doubt and say it is the former. With that in mind I would like to ask for a clarification.

    Before that, I have to say that referencing of your site is shockingly bad as in any WTBS literature; and I do not say that with sarcasm but with a dose of understanding because I used to make the same mistakes before. I remember writing my first assignment as a freshman at university using basically a type of referencing (or lack of it) learned from WTBS. Luckily the content of what I’ve written was so good that professor didn’t want to fail me, but has made a comment that I have to quickly learn how to reference properly or I won’t go beyond the first year of university, You know of course what type of referencing I’m talking about, just mentioning a title of a book or even worse saying “so and so said that” without pointing were the quote was taken from, etc. Given the fact that the only literature Witnesses see is from WTBS it is not surprising that most of them tend to equally neglect proper referencing.

    Now, why am I saying that? In Appendix A of your site you say, and I quote:

    This website has shown that 607BCE — not 587BCE — is indeed the year that Jerusalem was desolated according to irrefutable evidence in God's word the Bible. Even some of those who have previously tried to discredit Jehovah's Witnesses by saying 607BCE is incorrect, are now forced to admit that it may indeed be the right after all, because they have no clear answer for the Biblical evidence presented. (Italicized by me)

    (Anonymous, 2006, Appendix A, The Seven Time Prophecy, viewed 29 August 2006, )

    I would like to ask who are those people that now admit that Jehovah’s Witnesses “may indeed be right after all”. Are those people with some scholarly repute or are these people you generally meet in your door-to-door ministry?

    When you make such a startling claim it really must be supported by more concrete reference than just mere statement of ‘admission’.

    It is quite important to give a proper reference in such a matter or one can basically be accused of intellectual dishonesty. Which I’m sure you as a god-fearing person would like to avoid.

    So please, do enlighten me with your answer.

  • Arthur

    AlanF, who has debated thirdwitness at length has speculated that thirdwitness is someone inside Bethel. It is a very interesting thread.

    If you haven't yet looked at some of it, I recommend that you read it:

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    There are a few things about these debates that drive me to the conclusion that the JWs coming on boards like this fall into a specific catagory of person.
    First of all just being on this message board breaks the JW 'code of conduct'. This means that such a person is willing to throw away such concil in order to satisfy their own desires, mainly to debate their beliefs with other people. This leads me to the conclusion that such individuals are people who are on the 'outside' of the JW community in the sense that they really don't have people in their own area that they can talk about these subjects with. That's why they come here. As strange as it may sound I actually think they are coming here for the fellowship.
    As regards the websites, I would further argue that such things have been made in order to build up an online 'JW Community'. People who hold no positions in the congregation and are on the 'outside' on thier local groups are now able to be 'JW internet champions'.
    They come here because they enjoy it, they build websites that poorly attack the arguments because they like the status it brings as well as the potential to confuse questioning JWs. These weak JWs then look to such sites and defenders as 'fighters for the faith' and thus the community builds.
    To bad it is all labeled as wrong by the WTS.


    3RD Troll has already admitted not being able to formulate an arguement,without WBTS publications..He is totaly lost without them..Which is why he ignores or belittles so many questions put to him..He is simply incapable of answering them...OUTLAW

  • zagor


    I'm truly disappointed with your lack of cooperation. When people ask me a question I endeavor, to the best of my abilities, to give an answer. I know you've been reading my question for sure since at the time of my posting it you have been posting at other threads adjacent to this one at the time. So I have no choice but to say that what you have written on your site is full of baloney.

    If you are not answering because of WTBS directive not to associate with disfellowshipped or disassociated persons (which is rather convenient way of avoiding giving answers for anything and everything) then why are you here?? You are here out of line and out of your depth and you know it. IF you were sent here by someone 'higher up" then tell them that they you should have devised a bit better strategy since you people have almost unlimited resources you sure can do it. Hell, you people have more money and resources on disposal than a small country. And yet mere “apostates” can bring all of your reasoning down.

    And on the subject of not giving an answer to “apostates” think of this: Satan was ultimate apostate, wasn’t he? Yet, Jesus didn’t avoid giving him an answer but have answered in such a way that overshadowed anything Satan said and exposed true logic behind the scripture Satan twisted around. Why was he able to do that? Because he had the truth, and you don’t have to twist things around to show the truth. Think about that.

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