What's the point of the HLC's?

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  • PopeOfEruke

    Now that the WT Society allows most individual blood components to transfused as a "conscience matter", what remains the purpose of the Hospital Liaison Commitee's? Why doesn't the WTS just wind this commitee stuff back now? it must cost precious time and money to organise these HLC's. Why do they even care?

    What is the history of the HLC's? Which GB member came up with the idea?

    To me it's like a secret police force within the Org, working very secretly on the fringe, most normal R & F I believe hardly have an inkling of what these committee's get up to.


  • Arthur

    The depth and activity of the HLCs are more far reaching than issues regarding blood transfusions. They also make sure that Witnesses have visitors and moral support when they are hospitalized (if that is the patients wish). Remember, that the HLCs are not even allowed to get involved unless the JW patient has signed a "Consent For Pastoral Visits" and has submitted it to the hospital. I have rarely seen the HLCs involve themselves in the personal affairs of patients unless they are called in for support or assistance.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Generally the HLCs don't get involved unless requested by the local elders. I have asked my family not to discuss my health with anyone from the congregation. If no one knows anything, then no call is made.

  • TD

    The average JW is bewildered and lost when it comes to his or her medical options involving blood. (Despite recent efforts to simplify the policy)

    On the up side, HLC members are individuals that the JW trusts and they can explain the procedures and preparations involving blood that are deemed matters of conscience. Some JW's automatically refuse everything out of ignorance.

    On the down side, HLC members interfere with the patient's autonomy inasmuch as their very presence pressures other JW's who may have reservations about the blood policy to conform.

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