No Hope for the Handicapped/Sick/Retarded

by KennyC 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • KennyC


    I know what you mean. I have a buddy I met after being DF'ed who I have taken to many places. I almost lost him at a giant flea market amongst about 3000 people. He had wandered off to look at some Electrolux vaccuum cleaners. He said" I really like Electrolux vaccuum cleaners". He likes to drink a beer or 2 with me, but recently he has been riding a bike, so I won't give him any beer. He had a moped before that and got run over in traffic, breaking several bones. The mental facility wanted to buy him another one. (retards!) I didn't give him any beer then either. He is a great guy and is no bother to have around, but I am sure I am more retarded in the eyes of the JW's than he is simply because I have anything to do with him. There is a witness girl in the mental care facility who he knows quite well and rather fondly(better than I myself know her). She is very bad off:almost mongaloid with a tinge of hobbit under the spell of the ring.She has ALWAYS been that way. (That's the best I can explain her predicament) No JW of import' had even mentioned her name for over 20 years. She is stuck with going to the local Baptist church and was supposedly "saved" although her upbringing was JW before her wonderful mother passed away. She has continence problems, or so I understand it to be.

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