Entertaining yourself during the meetings

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  • okie46

    These are the things I did once, I didn't have little ones to take care of anymore:

    1. I would write in my notebook and switch out pen colors, I love cool pens, especially fountain and felt tip.
    2. I would watch everyone and smile at all the babies and little ones.
    3. Play a game I made up where I try to figure out what kind of dog someone resembles.
    4. Twirl my hair.
    5. Daydream about men, usually ones at work, but sometimes I would look at the brothers and crotch watch.
    6. Go to the bathroom and see if there was anyone there to talk to.
    7. Read the bulletin board.
    8. Look at the pathetic hair cuts and dye jobs the sisters had and think what I would do if I could get my hands on their hair.
    9. Find something in the literature to read I thought was interesting.
    10. Replay the days events at work in my head and try not to laugh when I remembered jokes I heard that day.

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