Did you fall for the "hype"?

by seahart 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • seahart

    Anyone here fall for the (what should have been straight to video) hype of Snakes on a plane. I am proud to say I saw right through it.The studios are getting wise on how to use the internet to do the dirty work for them. They must have saved a ton and maybe even made a little. I sure hope the snake will be able to find work after this.S.

  • nowisee

    i cannot imagine wanting to see something like this in the first place. but i am surprised that the reviews i have seen have been mostly good.

  • earthtone

    Because it's suppose to be funny and not taken too seriously. Everyone who has seen it claims it really good, believe it or not.

  • Gregor

    I understand the snakes have gotten together and have an agent. He will represent both the actor snakes and the stunt snakes. They have several projects lined up as soon as they finish their current PR tour for SOAP. Success has already gone to their heads. They demand heat lamps and live mice in their dressing rooms.

  • CordyC

    I think a scarier movie would be "Awakes on a Plane," about a group of people who end up taking a flight that is overtaken by zealous Jehovah's Witnesses that use their Awakes to harm unwitting victims.

    I'd file that under Horror.


  • jaguarbass

    In my opinion 99% of the releases should go straight to video. But then I havent been to a movie in years. Last good movie I saw was "employee of the month" with Matt Dillon. It came out over a year ago. I see a new movie everyweek. I guess im just killing time. All the good movies were made 30 years ago, now they just do them over with new actors, over and over and over and over and over. Like the bible says, or was that John Lennon, there is nothing new under the sun, thats why we are so hard to entertain.

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