Innocent until proven guilty...or really the other way round?

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  • SixofNine

    The legal concept of innocent until proven guilty is at the very foundation of our legal system. If you think your friend was abused by our system, imagine what she might be going thru in system that presumes guilt. If you vote right, and work for change in other ways, you can help make our system better, and hold abusers such as those who abused your friend accountable.

    As for what the pitchfork weilding masses believe, it really doesn't matter so much, so long as they don't vote for an authoritarian leadership that will begin acting as if it is outside of the rule of law, and therefore not bound by such legal precepts as "innocent until proven guilty".

  • JWdaughter

    We pay attention to really large crimes, the attention getters. In those cases they set bail high, based on evidence, the ability of the accused to abscond from the country, and the violence or danger that they apparently present. For many felonies, the amount of Bail is 5000 or even less, and it requires a $500 donation to the local bail bondsman. The thing is, we do have law, and a system of justice. Part of the job that the govt. takes upon itself is to protect, and if they have enough reason to charge you with a crime, there is a pretty good chance that you present some risk to the community.

    Now, whether Karr is guilty or innocent in reality-we know a few things about him that are not in dispute. HE SAYS HE DID IT. He is a pedophile. He has a passport. He was in the process of changing his identity/appearance. You want him running around, leaving the country, doing whatever he wants? To your kids? If he is innocent, then we deal with that, but while he is claiming to be the bad guy, I am content to believe him until YES he proves otherwise.

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